Double the FPS and gaming performance on PS4 Pro Linux with latest PS4 Linux payloads

Double the gaming performance and FPS on PS4 Pro running Linux using the latest updated payloads from PSXITA and Mircoho.

Most people that own the powerful PS4 Pro (in comparison to the Slim and Original) have been complaining about the tardy performance of Linux. You get a machine that is capable of much more. Yet, the lack of few lines of code reduced the performance. I know how that feels. Thankfully, the PSXITA team and the well-known dev, Mircoho felt the same. And, they released updated payloads for better performance on the PS4 Pro. Infact, the new Linux payloads double the FPS and gaming performance on PS4 Pro.

To just give you an idea of the kind of performance advancements the new payloads bring, here are a few screenshots shared by Saya, the French dev on our Discord Channel. That reminds me of the Dakrstorms’s latest contribution – Salient OS v2 for PS4. Anyways, these screenshots are of Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0, a popular benchmark used to test the CPU and GPU performance. First up, we have the benchmark with the usual Linux payloads, but using different kernels, starting from the normal 1.6GHz clocked one to even the overclocked 3GHz kernel!

PS4 Pro running older PS4 Linux payloads with different kernels (overclocked and non-overclocked)

Now, here are the screenshots showing the benchmark results on the same PS4 Pro, when ran with the latest payloads:-

Unigine Benchmark showing increased FPS with new PS4 Linux payloads for PS4 Pro running on multiple kernels (overclocked and non-overclocked)

See the huge jump, how 8.6 FPS on the non-overclocked kernel peaks at a whopping 39 FPS with the latest payloads. The results were taken from an early beta of the new payload, and the results may vary for you. Moreover, a huge jump in Unigine Benchmark result doesn’t necessarily lead to a proportionate increase in actual gaming performance. Still, it’s undeniable based on the various videos and screenshots that the new payload does greatly increase the performance of the PS4 Pro in actual gaming.

By the way, if you do plan on using an overclocked kernel on your PS4, make sure you do have PS4FanControl installed. I have a neat article on installing PS4FanControl on any PS4 Linux distro.

How to use latest Linux payloads on PS4 Pro to double FPS?

PS3ITA team and Mircoho have been kind enough to share the changes in code that have led to this wonderful news. You can check it out here. But, if you just want to jump in and test the new payloads, keep reading.


The usual requirements for running PS4 Linux apply here too. You guys know those well. Let us check the other requirements.Oh, that reminds me that the payload will work on PS4s running 5.05, 6.72 and 9.00 firmwares. I will be sharing the files for 9.00 here. If you need compiling the payloads for other firmware versions, just leave a comment below.

  1. Latest PS4 Linux payloads – Download here.
  2. Mira Loader payload – Download here.
  3. NetCat GUI – Download here.
  4. Windows Machine
  5. PS4 Pro

Once you have these three downloaded, make sure your Windows machine and PS4 are connected to the same network. Then, follow these steps:-

  1. On PS4 Pro, run the latest GoldHen (available at most exploit hosts)
  2. Make sure that the BIN Loader service is running by going into GoldHen settings. It will also specify the port, usually 9090. Make a note of it.
  3. Go to the Network settings on PS4 and note down the IP Address.
  4. On your Windows machine, run NetcatGUI, in the box asking for PS4’s IP Address, provide the IP Address we noted down in the earlier step. In the box labelled Port, provide PS4’s port that we made a note of, earlier, usually 9090.
  5. Drag and drop the Mira Payload (.bin) on the NetCat window and click on Inject Payload.
  6. Soon after that, drag and drop the Linux payload (.bin) on NetCat window. Click on Inject Payload.

That’s it! You should be on PS4 Linux with the latest payloads now.

UPDATE 1: Kameleon has updated his host with the payloads, which can be accessed from both the Auto and Manual payloads section.

UPDATE 2: You can also find the payloads under Linux section on our own exploit host site at

By the way, if you are on a Linux machine, you may try what kquote has recommended in the comments section.


With devs renewing their interest on the PS4 with these sporadic updates, I am sure that we will be receiving more updates in the future. So, all I say is, keep your PS4 on the lowest firmware possible so that you do not miss out on the future updates for PS4 Linux.


  1. you don;t need a windows machine, you can just use regular netcat on linux/bsd/whatever,

    nc -w 3 (ps4’s ip) 9090 < payload.bin

    if its unstable maybe try installing bsd netcat instead of gnu netcat

  2. Can internal Wi-Fi and Ethenet support be considered for those PS4 owners that have a 72XX series PS4 Pro? This version of the Pro was the one that introduced the redesign of the power plug and other internal changes which made all network and bluetooth completely broken. The only workaround that has been given for 72XX was USB network from here but that limits us into one kernal to use with no possibly to use others.

    I’m aware you don’t have a PS4 Pro Noob404, but if you know someone that does please let them be aware of this issue.

  3. I have a ps4 pro on 9.00.
    I wanna install the Batocera on my ps4. But do anyone know if this patch work with the batocera?
    Thanks for any help =)

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