PS4 Linux Game Compatibility List with terminal commands & detailed instructions

PS4 Linux game compatibility list with the best Wine and Proton commands; detailed instructions to run Windows and emulated games on PS4 Linux.

Having trouble running a Windows game on your PS4 Linux distro? Worry not! Here is a detailed database of Windows games running on PS4 Linux along with the best Wine and Proton commands to run Windows games on PS4 Linux. As said, this will also act as the Windows games compatibility list for PS4 Linux.

Running the latest Windows games and even some ancient ones can be a bit of headache. In most cases, Steam with its inbuilt Proton Play enables you to play the desire games on a Linux distro. Unfortunately, due to the lack of hardware support on PS4 running Linux, many of these steps might not work on a PS4 Linux distro. Sometimes, a custom script might be required, like Custom Mesa while some others require huge swap space. What I am trying to say is that, each game requires a different set of modifications for it to run on PS4 Linux.

Given below is a list of these games with the best known command to run them on PS4 Linux. Alongside each game, you will also find the additional details with links to detailed tutorials to help everyone play the game.

We have also provided a search bar so that you can search for the game. Remember that the search bar can also search in the other columns. You may also click on the table headings to change the sorting order. Enjoy!

Game Command & Instructions More info.
Cyberpunk 2077
  • RADV_DEBUG=llvm WINEESYNC=1 wine Cyberpunk.exe -d3d12
Elden Ring
  • RADV_DEBUG=llvm VKD3D_FEATURE_LEVEL=12_0 WINEESYNC=1 wine eldenring.exe -d3d12
Spongebob SquarePants BFBB-R
  • RADV_DEBUG=llvm VKD3D_FEATURE_LEVEL=12_0 WINEESYNC=1 wine SpongeBob_BFBB_R.exe -d3d12
Mortal Kombat 11 (Pop OS)
Mortal Kombat 11 (Fedora 35, Nobara)
Quake 3
  • Right click on Vulkan executable and open with Wine Loader
  • T/o Fedora 35
  • Detailed instructions soon
Max Payne 3
  • WINEFSYNC=1 WINEESYNC=1 WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 wine MaxPayne3.exe -dx10
  • T/o Nobara
  • Use GE-Proton (7-14)
  • T/o Nobara
  • Use GE-Proton (7-14)
  • 720p FSR recommended
GTA Definitive Edition
  • RADV_DEBUG=llvm WINEFSYNC=1 wine SanAndreas.exe -dx11
  • Requires Custom Mesa
  • T/o Nobara
  • Use GE-Proton (7-14)
Half Life 2
  • Runs out of box with Steam.
  • T/o Nobara
  • Runs out of box with Steam.
  • T/o Nobara
Minecraft 1.12 (Optifine)
  • Runs out of box with Steam.
  • T/o Nobara
Portal 2 (Steam)
  • Runs out of box with Steam.
  • Enable Proton Play and use Proton Experimental for Vulkan and high FPS (120+).
  • T/o Nobara, Pop OS
  • Runs out of box
  • T/o Fedora 35
Minecraft (Technic Mod)
  • Runs out of box
  • T/o SteamOS 3
  • WINEESYNC=1 wine Control_DX11.exe
  • T/o Nobara 36
  • Use GE-Proton (7-14)

* Please note that if the table doesn’t load properly on your phone, try switching to Landscape mode.

Colour Coding explained

You might have noticed commands given in two different colours in the table above. This is what they mean.

  • Command in green – Command has been confirmed and verified to work.
  • Command in orange – Alternative command that can be used if the command in green doesn’t work.
  • Command in yellow – Command provided by a user or is untested.

How to submit your command?

Please follow this format while making your submissions in the comments section below:-

  • Name of the game (with version, if available)
  • Distro (eg:- Fedora 35 by Noob404)
  • Command
  • Additional details (Wine version, GE-Proton version, Custom Mesa, etc.)

PS4 Linux Game Compatibility List by Thefirebeast

Apart from the above table, you can also check out this useful Google Sheet for Windows games compatibility, provided by the forum member, Thefirebeast. What’s more! It also contains list of emulated games. Here it is:-


I request all of you to post commands that have worked for you in specific games. These will be added to the table and once confirmed by multiple users, will receive the corresponding status. So, if you see a command in yellow, please try it and if it works, leave a comment below.


  1. You can run Quake 3 arena with vulkan, just download somewhere gog version and google quake 3 vulkan, copy the vulkan exe and run the exe, not the shourtcut on your desktop (shortcuts someway don’t work), don’t run it with double click mouse but right click and wine loader.

  2. Using your GTA IV comand on SteamOS game works, but it’s not smooth like in your video on Nobara, not much fps here. Any tips?

  3. Tested Games
    Fedora OS by Noob404
    RADV_DEBUG=llvm WINEESYNC=1 wine /home/noob404/Games/Stray/Hk_project/Binaries/Win64/Stray-Win64-Shipping.exe -d3d11
    Custom Mesa is a must to prevent heavy flickering textures

  4. Superliminal
    Runs on Directly

    Getting over It
    Runs directly

    The walking Dead a New Frontier
    Runs Directly

    all 3 games where tested on Fedora OS by Noob404 by running the excutables.

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