How to use Index.html Generator for PS4Linux Exploit Host/Jailbreak - Detailed Tutorial

Before reading this tutorial, you should know how you can host your own PS4 Exploit Host site with your own payloads. For that, go through this detailed tutorial.

Confused as to usage of the Index.html Generator for PS4Linux Exploit Host? Well, here are the detailed instructions for the same. Just follow these instructions:-

  1. Complete all the steps in this tutorial till Step 5, sub-step 3, i.e., till the point you have edited the cache.manifest file.
  2. While in the folder, payloads on a Windows PC, go to the address bar, type cmd and press Enter.
  3. On the command prompt, type dir /b /o:gn | findstr /vi "payloads.txt" | findstr /vi "mira-900.js" | findstr /vi "jbcldr-900.js" | findstr /vi "kexploit-launcher-900.js"> payloads.txt and press Enter. This will generate a file named payloads.txt in the folder payloads. Open payloads.txt to verify the list of payloads. In this list, you will not find Mira loader and Jbc loader, as these are intermediate payloads and it's best to leave them out here.
  4. Rearrange the payload files according to the tabs under which you want to have them listed. For example, all GoldHen payloads could be put under the tab - GoldHen. Similarly, Nazky's Linux payloads could be put under Linux (Nazky), and so on.
  5. Once decided, on the Generator page, add tabs according to requirement. On the left input box, add tab name, for example, GoldHen. To its right, in the text area asking for payload names, copy the reaqired names from the rearranged payloads.txt. For example, in this text area, you could add goldhen-2.2.4-900.js and goldhen-2.2.5-b7-900.js. Just make sure you just have a single payload name on a line.
  6. Repeat the same for other tabs.
  7. Once satisfied, click on Generate.
  8. In the generated HTML code, make any last minute changes.
  9. When done, click on Download. This will download the edited index.html. Copy this edited file to the exploit host folder, thus replacing the index.html file there.
  10. Upload the files to your website following instructions given here.
  11. That's it!

By the way, if you want to reset the HTML, just click on the Reset button below the HTML text area.

If you are still confused, just watch the detailed video tutorial below.

Video Tutorial - Index.html Generator for PS4Linux Exploit Host/Jailbreak

Index.html Generator for PS4Linux Exploit Host/Jailbreak - Features

  • Names links automatically removing dashes, underscores, etc.
  • Capitalises payload link hypertext.
  • Edit HTML before downloading final index.html.
  • Add as many tabs as you want.


1. Payload fails to load

At times, the payload might fail to load, or would simply shut down the PS4. There could be several reasons for this. Here are a few things you could try to fix this:-

  • Restart PS4 and try loading the payload again.
  • Make sure you downloaded the proper payload from a reputed website.
  • Convert the .bin payload to .js again and try uploading that to your host.
  • Make sure the payloads folder of the host contains the file - mira-900.js. If not, download the source from here and copy mira-900.js to payloads folder.
  • Open index.html in a text editor and go to the line pertaining to the specific payload having issues. Replace mira-900.js with jbcldr-900.js.

2. Generator buttons not working

The Index.html generator PS4Linux Jailbreak Host uses Javascript. So, if you have disabled Javascript or are using an extremely (sometimes unnecessarily) vigilant Ad Blocker, this might not work.