Best Black Friday 2022 Deals on Gaming Controllers and Accessories

Get the best gaming controllers for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Android and iOS at cheapest prices with the best deals this Black Friday (2022)

If you prefer a gaming controller rather than a keyboard and mice, even while gaming on a PC, like me, then here are some Black Friday deals on gaming controllers that you shouldn’t miss out on!

In this list you will find the best gaming controllers for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android and iOS. But, if you are specifically looking for deals on controllers for gaming consoles, check this out.

Best Black Friday Deals on Controllers for Consoles & PC

Xbox Core wireless controller at cheapest price

Xbox Core Wireless Controller

This controller can be used on the Xbox Ones and the series models. It also has inbuilt support for the latest edition of Windows. So, regardless of whether you are an Xbox gamer or a PC gamer, this could be a great addition to the arsenal. The controller is also available in various colours. Do choose your colour wisely!

Xbox Elite controller 2 at cheapest price

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

This one’s a good looking controller to have in your gaming showcase. But, it’s not just about the good looks. At the premium price, you also get additional mappable buttons on the back. If you are a competitive gamer, this controller is a no-brainer. This again is available in both black and white. But, I must say, the black one is a feast to the eyes.

Sony DualSense Controller at cheapest price

Sony DualSense

Let us not forget about the most probable winner of the controller competition this year. With the Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, Sony, no doubt did beat the competition. Unfortunately, not many developers have started implementing this feature into their games. Nevertheless, it is still good to have this controller, especially since it’s barely $10 more than the DualShock 4. With some additional drivers, you can also use the controller on your Windows PC.

DualShock 4 Controller at cheapest price

Sony DualShock 4

If you don’t care for the new features that the DualSense provides, just know that the DualShock 4 is still a very nice controller for the PS4 atleast. So, if you are looking to buy one, here is a good deal on the same.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller at cheapest price

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

At last, but no the least, if the Joy cons are still not cutting it for you, here is the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. This controller will give you a better experience while gaming with the Nintendo Switch connected to the TV.

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller at cheapest price

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller

This is an officially licensed controller by Microsoft specifically for the Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X models. So, it goes without saying that it also works very well on Windows 10/11. Anyways, this is a wired controller and will provide lesser latency than the wired controllers and is a very good option for competitive gamers. It is available in black and white.

Scuf Instinct Pro Wireless Controller at cheapest price

Scuf Instinct Pro Wireless Controller

Much like the PowerA controllers, Scuf Instinct Pro is also an Xbox certified controller for the Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One. But, unlike the PowerA models, this one is a wireless controller and can be considered a premium product for the price. It comes with four rear paddles that can be configured to 16 functions.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate at cheapest price

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Another Xbox certified product that comes with 6 remappable buttons and triggers. Another great thing about this is the interchangeable thumbsticks and D-Pad. Moreover, Razer’s Chroma lighting illuminates the whole controller.

Razer Wolverine v2 Chroma

This model is very similar to the OG Wolverine, with the 6 remappable buttons. It also comes with half trigger mode and trigger stop-switches. But, the Chroma edition of Wolverine 2, as the name suggests, comes with Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting, which you can customise using the Razer Controller Setup for Xbox app.

Other Gaming Controllers for PC and Gaming Consoles

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