PSXITA launches latest Linux payloads for PS4 9.00 with better GPU performance

PSXITA has launched Linux payloads for PS4 on 9.00 that apparently increases the GPU performance on PS4 Linux distros. Learn how to use them.

PSXITA, the team behind one of the best distros for Linux, PSXITARCH, released the latest batch of Linux payloads for PS4 on 9.00. They claim that these payloads increase GPU performance. In their article unveiling the payloads, they claim that the payloads increased FPS by 11-13 when checked on Unigine Heaven benchmark.

In essence, these latest Linux payloads increase GPU performance on PS4, atleast on paper. We will put that to test.

PSXITA’s latest Linux payloads for PS4 9.00: What’s new?

From what the team says, patches provided by the dev, eeply were missing from the earlier payloads. And, according to them, it caused a reduction in FPS during gameplay. So, they have updated the source tree and consequently the payloads, with these patches.

Here is an image from the team showing the benchmark findings with the new payloads:-

Unigine Haeven Benchmark output on PS4 running latest Linux payloads by PSXITA

For those of you who are interested, here is the article by the team, translated to English.


PSXITA has provided these payloads in .BIN format, which can be sent to the PS4 using a payload injector. You may download the relevant payloads below. The MD5 of each of these has been provided for assurance.

How to use latest Linux payloads by PSXITA on PS4?

I know it’s not easy or convenient for many of you to be injecting the payload using a PC every time. So, I recomment using developer, Karo Sharifi’s exploit host at He has already updated his exploit host with these latest payloads. But, remember that for these payloads to load, you will need to be on firmware 9.00.

And, if you are using his host, make sure to clear cache and browser data

The instructions for loading it remain the same as earlier. Just to brush up your memory, here they are.

  1. On your PS4, load GoldHEN first.
  2. Connect USB drive containing Linux.
  3. Load the Linux payload of your choice.

Does the latest Linux payload increase gaming performance on PS4 Linux?

In my testing, I found very minimal performance increase in a game, i.e., around 1-2 FPS. The dev, Nazky’s findings are similar too. But, I will be testing this more to see if there’s any merit to these new payloads. Stay tuned!


I would suggest the user to try different games with the payload to see if there’s any performance change too. And, please comment below with your findings.


  1. Hi, i were using these new payloads from site, but in some way, after changes in their exploit site, these doesnt work anymore – if previously i could load linux from 1st time, now after psxita payload it turns off my ps4. And there is no matter i use 1GB or 2gB payload – it just shuts down my console. Maybe someone can be in touch with Karo and tell him about this situation?

  2. Do these work with payload guest yet? I tried when this was posted and couldn’t get it to work. Base PS4 model touch buttons firmware 9.00

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