PS4 Linux Downloads

Download the latest Linux distros, kernels, initramfs, etc. for Linux on PS4. Also download the latest versions of DXVK, VKD3D and other Linux gaming essentials.

Linux development on PS4 is gaining traction at a really good pace. We have multiple distros, kernels and other files floating around the web. These might be a bit difficult to find. So, here I present the download links for almost everything related to PS4 Linux. These links will be updated along with any updates in the software or the distro themselves. So, bookmark this page and keep checking from time to time for updates.

PS4 Linux Kernel: Downloads




Special Instructions for PS4 Linux Kernel

The question as to which kernel you should use, has already been answered here along with the difference between Aeolia, Belize and Baikal. Apart from these, there are a few more things that you should keep in mind while downloading and using these kernels.

  • Upon download, some kernels might have a different name, for example, bzImageAeolia. Rename them back to bzImage before copying them to the USB drive during installation, as explained here.
  • Using the wrong kernel will lead to blackscreen upon loading. In this case, just download the proper kernel and replace using the instructions here.
  • The Kernel 5.15.15 is fairly new to the PS4 and might not be stable as a daily driver.
  • These kernels will mostly work with any distro. So, these aren’t necessarily distro specific.

Before we move on, I’d like to thank Hakkuraifu for his wonderful documentation here.

initramfs.cpio.gz: Downloads

Special instructions for initramfs.cpio.gz

This file contains the code to run the Rescueshell which installs and boots the Linux distro. While these are interchangeable, some do have some advantages over the others. Check out the following points.

  • If you are using Nazky’s initramfs, you will have to follow these steps while installing or running Linux (as opposed to the installation instructions given here).
    • For installation, type exec and press Enter.
    • To run the distro after installation, type exec and press Enter.
    • Depending on the file used, you might have to run exec once or even twice after every reboot.
  • If you are using ITmania’s initramfs for Ubuntu, while installing his Ubuntu builds, do the following for it to work properly (as opposed to the installation instructions given here).
    • Rename the Distro file to ubuntu.tar.xz.
    • For installation, type exec and press Enter.
    • To run the distro after installation, type exec and press Enter.
  • hippie68’s initramfs.cpio.gz claims to correct the partition alignment error that persisted in psxita’s initramfs. This correction, according to hippie68 will make the USB drives perform better while increasing their life span in the long run.

PS4 Linux Payloads: Downloads

PS4 Linux Payloads for 11.0

PS4 Linux Payloads for PS4 Pro (9.00)

Read more about these payloads helping double PS4 Pro’s performance here.

Other related payloads

PS4 Linux Distro: Downloads

Arch based PS4 Linux Distros

Distro Login
Psxitarch v3 by PS3ITA User: psxita
Password: changeit
Salient OS v2 by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
ArchLinux PS4 v2 by whitehax0r User: sony
Password: changeit
User: root
Password: changeme
WinesapOS 3.0 by Noob404 User: noob404
Password: ps4
SteamOS 3.0 by Nazky User: nazky
Password: toor
Psxitarch v3.1 (Unofficial) by ITmania
ArchLinux PS4 by whitehax0r User: sony
Password: changeitUser: root
Password: changeme
Catjaro by ITmania
Psxitarch v2 by PS3ITA User: psxita
Password: changeit
ArchLabs by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
ArchLinux by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
ArcoLinux by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
BlackArch Linux by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
Bluestar Linux by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
EndeavourOS by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
Mabox Linux by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
Manjaro by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
RebornOS by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
TEArch by Darkstorm (English Edition) User: darkstorm
Password: logic

Fedora based PS4 Linux Distros

Distro Login
Fedora 38 by DF_AUS User: DF_AUS
Password: ps4linux
Fedora 37 by Wizbang User: misfit
Password: ps4ra
Nobara 36 by Noob404 User: noob404
Password: ps4
Nobara 35 by Noob404 User: noob404
Password: ps4
Fedora 35 by Noob404 User: noob404
Password: ps4
Fedora 32 Tron Edition by ITmania User: ITmania
Password: ITmania
Fedora 32 by Modded Warfare

Ubuntu based PS4 Linux Distros

Distro Login
Pop OS 22.04 by Noob404 User: noob404
Password: ps4
Pop OS 21.10 by Noob404 User: noob404
Password: ps4
Lubuntu 21.10 by ITmania User: itmania
Password: ITmania
Ubuntu 19.04 by ITmania User: itmania
Password: ITmania

Puppy Linux for PS4

Distro Login
Bolt Pup (22.04) User: root
Password: ps4
Leon Pup Beta v1 User: root
Password: ps4

Other PS4 Linux Distros

Distro Login
Batocera v1 by Noob404
Mega | CDN (by Terracraft)
User: root
Password: linux
Debian 11 by Darkstorm User: darkstorm
Password: logic
Encom OS by ITmania
Deepin by ITmania
Debian 10 by ITmania

PS4 Linux Drivers: Downloads

Arch Linux Drivers for PS4

Fedora Drivers for PS4

Ubuntu Drivers for PS4

Linux ISO Downloads

Below are the links to download Linux ISOs which can then be used to make your own distro. These links will take you to the download page of the latest versions of these distros.

Arch based Linux

Fedora based Linux

Ubuntu based Linux

Other Linux Distros

PS4 Linux Kernel Source

Most developers make the source to their versions of kernel public on Github. Here is a list of all the kernel sources that are available to the public. By the way, here’s a tutorial showing you how you could compile PS4 Linux from source.

Kernel 4

Kernel 4.14.93

Kernel 5.3.7

Kernel 5.3.18

Kernel 5.4.213 LTS (Baikal)

Kernel 5.15 (Aeolia/Belize)

Kernel 5.4.247 (Baikal)

Kernel 5.4.99 (Baikal)

Gaming Essentials for PS4 Linux: Downloads

Custom Mesa

PS4 Exploit Payloads (9.00)

Here is a collection of all the major payloads for jailbroken PS4 running on firmware 9.00. The payloads are available in .bin format. You can use these to convert them to .js and host your own exploit site with them.

Jailbreak Payloads

Linux Payloads

Payloads for Activation/De-activation

Debug Payloads

Backup/Restore Payloads

Kernel Payloads

Other Payloads

Essential Software for Linux on PS4

Following is the list of software that is essential for running Linux on your PS4 and even for making your own PS4 Linux distro. These software have been listed along with download links.

For the list of applications on Linux and the commands to install them, please check this article.

PS4 Jailbreaking and Homebrew

PPPwn Apps


Didn’t find something important in the list? Just leave a comment below and I will get to it ASAP. Also, let me know if any links are broken. These will be replaced with the latest working ones at the latest.


  1. Great work!!! Congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just to let you know that initramfs.cpio.gz: Download for ITMania Ubuntu is not available
    Google Drive says it has a virus so only the proprietary can download the file.
    Can you please re-upload that file?

  2. Omfg finally I found a kernel that enables tethering and actually boots in my CUH-1215a. Thank you and thanks to codedwrench.

      • Hi again, Noob404.
        I’m also struggling to install the debian graphics drivers for PS4 in my debian distribution. I already tried with Lubuntu and Ubuntu fresh installs, but when I install the packages from PS4linux-deb they throw several errors. After running the fix dependencies command the installation errors are still there. Do I have to install all the packages in all the folders from the PS4linux-deb repo? Or only the x64? Do I need to install the xorg version that is in the repo? The OS boots from the PS4 but I have issues with the video graphics like not seeing the mouse or video. Could you clarify how to install the needed debian drivers for PS4? Or do a video tutorial if you have te time. I bet there are lots of other users with issues installing the PS4 debian graphics drivers. Thanks

        • This will probably require fresh drivers specific to your version of Debian. Else, you may try to manually fix the errors that are thrown in the terminal during installation. This will take patience and research though. I will try to make a video on it later. But, right now, I have a few projects that I need to take care of.

  3. Hey Bro!!! Thane you for everything! could you help me? O ‘m trying tรด install in internal hdd , Mine is aeolia and rescueshell Works Fine, the problem is that It does not list the folder “PS4hdd” when I type “ls” command( that’s weird because PS4 xplorer Just use This folder) , so I can’t install my popos file and I can ‘t set the right PATHS to Linux . Thanks in advance and great Work!!!

  4. Hello, I was wondering what is the main difference between “Psxitarch” and “ArchLinux PS4” by whitehax0r for my PS4 Pro. My main intentions with Linux is to use it as my daily PC from the range of coding, gaming, emulation, and web browsing.

    (In the context of him realizing that I have the Pro ver. of the PS4) I was recommended to use Manjaro (Catjaro) for its “semi-recent” kernal compared to Psxitarch’s “ancient” kernal as what a person in the PS4 Homebrew Discord Server said. Is it the same scenario for whitehax0r’s version of Arch? And if it is yes or no, which one is recommended?

    • From what I know, whitehax0r’s version of Arch is more recent and has more packages and drivers for gaming. I will also request him to answer this.

      As for the kernel, PS4 Linux uses the kernel you place in the FAT32 folder, i.e., the bzImage, while the one that came with the OS is generally ignored. Please correct me, if I am wrong. So, I suggest you use the distro you are more comfortable with. For example, say, you are more comfortable with the package manager on Ubuntu (apt) than Fedora (dnf), go for it.

      • Thank you for your prompt response. In all fairness I have never actually used a Linux distro as my main OS and just very briefly experiment with some of them in VMs a fair back. But I don’t mind taking the learning curve as I’m pretty interested to do become a power user when it comes to my OS. I appreciated it that you answered my question, Thank you.

  5. I want to ask about ps4 slim kernel.. So, is it possible to make patched kernel that will support FSync for playing games like GTA5.. or to be able to work wih VirtualBox app.. at the moment when i tried to install VM it ends with crash and reinstall Linux ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I need to install It in the HD because I don’t have a external one , neither the adapter, could you help me with It? The problem is that I can’t find “PS4hdd” partition when I type “ls”,and I need This partition in order to install It. Do you have at least any Idea that could help me?, you ‘re so inteligent, I bet you could have any!

    • I have never tried installing on the internal HDD and generally, don’t recommend it. Unfortunately, I can’t help you there. But, there is a discussion on the same going on in the post on Debian 11 for PS4. You might check it out and ask the people there.

  7. Hi Noob404, could you do an article on how to create drivers for a distro? thanks again for your work!!
    I hope to be able to make some contribution to the community soon, greetings!

  8. Hi there, the SteamOS login password is invalid. Could you check and give us a correct password please. Thanks

  9. Hi, i have question about ps4…. So, all this time i were using ps4 slim, but now i think to buy another console.. So, if compare, which console is more friendly for linux – ps4 fat or pro? So, i mean which would be more stable to work even with linux kernel modules and fsync so i could install linux properly.. Also i have an option to buy ps4 fat with 5.05 firmware.. Maybe that is better?

    • Good question. This would actually depend on the motherboard version. For example, mine is a PS4 Slim with Baikal motherboard. It has worked out pretty well for me. You may start a thread on the Forum. The members will help you out better.

    • Ahmed, we have the same board. Did you find the right kernel? I’m struggling to run kernel version 5.3.18. It will just crash. But running kernel 4.14.93 works like a charm but no vulkan support. Any suggestions?

  10. Hi, Noob404! Again me ๐Ÿ™‚ I have made Ultramarine Linux for ps4 but first attempt was not so good, because there was error with zram files, but today ill try again. But, now i also try to check Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 and i have question – can i take POP_OS drivers or it will be bad result and i should use ITmania drivers for Ubuntu? Thanks. If u are interested, and ill be finished with these two with success i can share a download link for you later.

  11. Hi, i have treid to make own Ubuntu Budgie distro following all instructions and trying POP_OS drivers and also ITmanias drivers, but none of them works. So, it seems that either there are some more drivers that you use and they are not listed here or there are only few distros that can be made for ps4… because when i was trying Ubuntu based 20.04 distro – drivers wasnt work, and now on newer version they dont work anyway.. Any ideas or advices? Thanks.

  12. I’m extracting the ArchLinux by Darkstorm with the alternative method with Ubuntu on VMware player but it just stopped and it’s been minutes with nothing else showing in the terminal with the exact tar command (including -C to the psxiarch partition).

  13. I’m getting this error when I immediately go to rescueshell in a Baikal PS4 Pro with 5.3.18 by ps4boot & mircoho and Nasky’s initramfs.cpio.gz. Please Help me!

    Mounting /proc
    Mounting /sys
    Create all the syslinks to /bin/busybox
    Mounting /dev (devtmpts)…
    Mount: Mounting /ps4hdd/home/Arch.img on /newroot failed: No such file or directory
    Mounting /newroot…

    The “root” variable is empty, set to false or zero but shouldn’t be. (P.S. this line of text was red)

    Dropping to rescueshell because of above error.

    Rescues sheel (busybox’s /bin/sh)

    To reboot ‘control-alt-delete’. If you wish resume booting process, run ‘resume-boot

      • It gave this bullshit:


        >>> Moving /dev to /newroot/dev failed: No such file or directory
        >>>’mount –move /dev /newroot/dev’ failed
        >>>dropping to rescueshell because of above error
        >>>Rescue shell (busybox’s /bin/sh

        For some reason I got a different message if I do it again:

        >>> There is no executable ‘newroot//sbin/init’.

        • Arch Linux from Darkstorm because he looked reliable for having a lot of distros i guess. I’ll make a forum

          I can’t seem to reply to your comment anymore so I’m replying to myself.

  14. Hi! I have interesting question about old good times when linux was running on ps3 consoles ๐Ÿ™‚ I am interested on how was made ps3 Linux live cds?

  15. Hello everybody i have the first gen ps4 with touch buttons what kernel i may use,i try many kernel for aeola but i have wifi disconect problem.Please help me.Thanks.

  16. Hi where i can download payload.bin for version 4.55? Everything is in version 6.7x +. I must install version 9.00 from version 4.55. I have bad bd drive. I have nobd updater in version 2.0 supported fw 4.55 but not have payload file for version 4.55 please help me how i can make a update to 9.00?

  17. Hi, where to get best GPU drivers for PS4 Pro Gladius GPU so it could work on Fedora Linux? Also what would be best linux for ps4 pro?

  18. Please help, I have already tried all the files that are hosted here and I cannot get Batocera to start, it stays in the shell and I left it for more than an hour and nothing, I have already done all the combinations and nothing is ps4 fat with firm 9.00 that bzImage I put and that initramfs.cpio.gz do you recommend according to Belice my console

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