Nobara OS for PS4 with Mesa 23-git: PS4 Distro Release

Nobara OS by Glorious Eggroll is now available for PS4 with Mesa23-git and applications like OBS, Kdenlive, Blender, etc. Watch Max Payne 3 gameplay on the distro.

Thanks to @Khlydo on Twitter, I came to know of this OS, Nobara. The thing that attracted me most to it is the fact that, it’s a custom port of Fedora 35 made by Glorious Eggroll, the developer behind GE-Proton. So, here, we have Nobara OS for PS4. This would be a nice addition to the various PS4 Linux distros available as of today. Some of the other great Linux distros available for PS4 today include Pop OS, Fedora 35 and Steam OS 3 by Nazky.

This distro is already feature-packed with many major gaming and streaming applications coming inbuilt. I hope you like it.

Update: Nobara 36 for PS4 is now available.


  • Display Manager – GDM & LXDE (Both have been provided. User can switch)
  • Mesa – 23.0.0-git
  • Libdrm – 2.4.110
  • Feature-packed OS for gaming, streaming and editing

Included applications

Gaming applications

  • Wine
  • Steam
  • Lutris
  • DXVK
  • VKD3D
  • Mangohud

Streaming and Video editing applications

  • OBS Studio
  • Kdenlive
  • Blender

And, many more… By the way, if you wish to install more applications, like emulators, check the terminal install commands database.


Login details

  • User: noob404
  • Password: ps4
  • Root password: ps4


Nobara OS on PS4: Showcase Video

This also contains gameplay of Max Payne 3, GTA IV and GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on Nobara for PS4. Enjoy!

Installation: How to install Nobara OS on PS4?

Much like Pop OS, the usual installation method ends up in errors during the installation of Nobara. So, I suggest using the faster alternate method for installation.

Set up persistent swap space (Optional, but recommended)

I always recommend the user to set up swap space before beginning any demanding activities on the distro, like gaming or streaming. Including a swap space with the distro will increase the download size. That is why, you will have to do it manually. Here are the steps to set up a persistent swap space on PS4 Linux distros.

If this method doesn’t work, try this alternate swap creation method (second one in the section).


I hope you will enjoy this distro and let me know if you face any issues. As for the incorrect time issue on Fedora-based distros, this has been fixed. The fix has been automatically applied to Nobara. So, the time will be automatically update once you connect to internet. But, you might have to change your timezone.


  1. Hello, How to update NobaraOS? Using the same command as on other Fedora 35 Distro? sudo dnf update -x kernel*,libdrm*,mesa*,xorg-x11-drv-a* ? Thanks

  2. Hi again, i just installed the nobaraos on my 11xx fat ps4’s internal hdd, it works great for so far, for anyone who wants to install to hdd, that are the steps.
    1. Create two folders on your ps4 at /usr/system/ linux and boot
    2. Download linuxloader505 from psxhax and use the initframs from there, download bzImage of your choice (i used 5.3.18), ftp the files to the boot folder.
    3. Rename your distro to linux.tar.xz and ftp to linux folder.
    4. As we dont touch the ram you can use 2gb payload this time (i didn’t try bigger, used psxita 2gb)
    5. Just type exec and wait about 20min, it will boot automatically (nobaraos)
    Now is the time for me to transfer emulators from darkstorm arch that’s sitting on my pendrive and test the performance, have fun everyone! 😁

      • Sure I don’t mind, i am still learning how linux works, it took me two weeks to get this working because not every distro on the hdd works as expected, debian 11 had some gnome display graphics issue but it may be a wrong kernel used for install idk, after installing changing kernel caused bootloop, i had a little time after work to try different combinations in haste i could not be aware to use right payload because it does matter too if you use nazky one and psxita one.
        I still need to look what’s in the initframs and payloads to understand how it works. Thanks for your work too.

        • I found a reason that linux and boot folders are becoming read only, if the ps4 scan for filesystem errors then the two folders got ro flag, making filesystem read only, fixed the issue by booting psxitarch and setting permissions to rw again.

  3. Man I have a problem I’ve install it onto internal hdd and it worked fine, but now I’m trying to install nobara onto my external usb hdd 2tb and I format it to fat32 because I read that it has to be fat 32 to install the distro but now I’m stuck and lost because I can’t move the arch.tar.xz onto the usb because it is too large (11gb) and fat 32 limits to 4gb max file size, now so I changed to exfat but of course the ps4 stays on a blackscreen instead of going to the terminal to install it and I assume it’s because the install process only supports the fat32 filesystem or install onto the internal, I do not know what to do next I’m asking if their is a way to the the .tar.xz onto fat32 usb with the file being too large, am I out of luck running from a usb as the os is too large of a size to run off the usb do I just find a different os that is less than 4gb so I can put it on the fat32 drive or is their another way my friend?

    • I guess you can use any img file that is used to install via rufus, download some software to create/edit img files, extend the img file to fit your external drive, look what’s inside if it looks like the packed file you tried to install then wipe it and copy your distro.

  4. Have you noticed any software or hardware limitations using blender? I’d love to turn my ps4 into a workstation on the side.

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