Nobara 36 for PS4 with Mesa 23-git: PS4 Distro Release

Nobara 36 for PS4 comes with Mesa 23-git, Heroic Games Launcher, Steam, ProtonUp-Qt, OBS Studio and many more applications to enable gaming and streaming.

As you all might know, the Fedora team recently released the latest stable release of Fedora 36. For the uninformed, Nobara Project is an unofficial fork of Fedora OS, made by Glorious Eggroll, the dev behin GE-Proton. Anyways, now, we have Nobara 36 for PS4. With this release, it’s safe to say that the PS4 scene doesn’t suffer from a lack of distros. Don’t believe me? Check the PS4 Linux Distro Download section.

Coming back to Nobara, last month, I had released Nobara 35 for PS4. The  distinguishing features of this awesome project remain more or less the same. We have tons of pre-installed applications. A list of the same is available below. Moreover, OBS Studio is also available. You might also look into streaming/recording with PS4 Linux.

By the way, I would also like to inform you guys of the new PS4Linux Forum. Do join for the latest conversations, troubleshooting and more.


  • Display Manager – GNOME 42.1
  • Mesa – 23.0.0-git
  • Libdrm – 2.4.110
  • Feature-packed OS for gaming, streaming and editing

Included applications

Gaming applications

  • Wine
  • Steam
  • Lutris
  • Heroic Games Launcher
  • Retroarch
  • Dolphin Emulator
  • PCSX2
  • ProtonUp-Qt
  • DXVK
  • VKD3D
  • Mangohud

And many more…

As you might have noticed, I have added Heroic Games Launcher to the list, to make it easier for you guys to launch the games on Epic Store. Moreover, Nobara 36 also comes pre-installed with ProtonUp-Qt, which makes downloading and loading GE-Proton easier on Steam and Heroic Games launcher too.

Streaming and Video editing applications

  • OBS Studio
  • Kdenlive
  • Blender

If you feel the list is not very exhaustive, no worries! Just check the terminal install commands database to find detailed instructions on installing more applications.


Login details

  • User: noob404
  • Password: ps4
  • Root password: ps4


Nobara OS 36 on PS4: Showcase Video

Among other things, in the video, you will also find the gameplay of the game – Control, launched using Heroic Games Launcher. Enjoy!

Installation: How to install Nobara 36 on PS4?

Like the earlier version of Nobara and Pop OS, the usual installation method ends up in errors. So, I suggest using the faster alternate method for installation.

As for the Rufus method, I will upload them when I have the time.

Set up persistent swap space (Optional, but recommended)

I always recommend the user to set up swap space before beginning any demanding activities on the distro, like gaming or streaming. Including a swap space with the distro will increase the download size. That is why, you will have to do it manually. Here are the steps to set up a persistent swap space on PS4 Linux distros.

If this method doesn’t work, try this alternate swap creation method (second one in the section).


More distros and cool stuff for PS4 Linux is on the way. Join us on social media and the all-new forum so that you don’t miss out. Let me know in the comments or on the forum thread if you do face any errors.


  1. i installed it last night ps4 pro 6.72 blezgame 5.15.15 dolpin emulator vulkan graphic when i open screen freezes

  2. Hello

    How to download the distribution with the Mediafire link, I always come back to the presentation page when I click on Mediafire!


  3. Hi, there is problem with update… it repo source is in blocked region due to Ukrain war and it is not possible to update nobara 36.. and also some error: Errors during downloading metadata for repository ‘updates’:
    – Downloading successful, but checksum doesn’t match.

  4. Yesterday i sold mine ps4 9.00, i want to thank you for the hard work and letting me enjoy linux on ps4, who knows maybe i will get one someday to have in my sleeping room, great thanks again!

  5. hello I have installed my ps4 nobara 36 but when I give the command glxinfo as core opengl it comes out 4.5 and not 4.6 as in your video, why? do i need to update them?

      • Ok grazie mille,era una curiosità personale volevo aggiornarli ma non so come per poter usare yuzu con opengl,e anche perché mi piacerebbe imparare a farlo,se puoi mi spieghi come fare? Oppure dove potrei reperire informazioni a riguardo senza rovinare la distribuzione per ps4 , grazie in anticipo, è meraviglioso il lavoro che fai☺️💪

  6. how can you even put the distro which is 4.41GB into a fat32 usb which supports a maximum of 4GB how did you do it

  7. Noob 404, can you please make a guide on how to run final fantasy 7 remake intergrade on nobara 36. I’m pretty troubled with trying to even start, less play it

  8. On PS4 pro Belize boot only with 4.14 kernel and black screen after enter the password “ps4” in the login window,
    I tryed many other kernels on 5.3 Belize i can see only boot logs text but black screen after this no login window,
    on 5,15 Belize black screen even no booy logs text.
    It seems my PS4pro Belize can work only with PSXita distro and 4,14 kernel!
    Any other PS4 pro Belize kernel 5xx me to try anyone ?

  9. can someone help me get wacomlinux kernal drivers working on ps4 linux nobara?
    if test -x ./; then ./; else ./configure; fi && make && sudo make install || echo “Build Failed”

    checking if build path ‘/home/noob404/Downloads/input-wacom-0.48.0’ has spaces… no
    checking for kernel type… Linux
    checking for linux-based kernel… yes
    checking for kernel source/headers… not found
    configure: WARNING: Unable to find build config in any of:

    configure: WARNING: Kernel directory does not appear to have needed config files
    checking kernel version…
    configure: WARNING: Spcified ‘5.3.18-g1fef36f5a’ kernel, but found ” instead
    configure: error: We could not find the development environment to build modules for the ‘5.3.18-g1fef36f5a’ kernel within the ” directory. Please install the kernel source or the kernel development package and try again.
    Build Failed

    • The ps4 uses a modified kernel, so even if you had kernel source/headers it’s asking, it wouldn’t boot. As a linux noob, I’d say you should research how to include them in the modified ps4 kernels we have. On the other hand, ps4 linux doesn’t load kernel modules for some reason, so it might be wasted effort.

  10. So I must be messing something up with this. Cant copy the tar file to usb (says file is too large) for ps4 install, tried rufus method with tastebin’s img file, and tried the linux desktop install and nothing works. Both desktop methods partitioning looks ok but when i go to swap bzimage and initramfs the 50mb partition cant be accessed.

  11. you cant copy files larger than 4 gb to usb. format your usb to exfat to copy larger files to usb. i do the same in this moment for installing internal. i will release later.

  12. Nice. How can i mount exfat usb here in Nobara 36? I already update it by sudo dnf update -x kernel*,libdrm*,mesa*,xorg-x11-drv-a* and even installed fuse-exfat and exfat-utils but still it doesn’t work

  13. I just installed this on my base model Aeolia PS4 and the videos on YouTube are a little slow and audio stutters bad. I even edited the daemon config and still doesn’t help. Is there a fix for this?

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