DahliaOS on PS4 with Minecraft Classic, Discord, 1080p YouTube playback and more

Here is DahliaOS for PS4 with Pangolin DE. Watch Minecraft Classic, Discord, web browsing, 1080p YouTube playback and more on DahliaOS running on PS4.

I hope you all have heard of DahliaOS. This is a new Linux-based OS that was released or rather, pre-released a while back. And now, we have DahliaOS running on PS4 with its all new Pangolin Desktop Environment. Let me first introduce you guys to this new OS before we see it running on the PS4.

What is DahliaOS?

This is how the team defines or introduces DahliaOS on their GitHub page:-

dahliaOS is a modern, secure, lightweight and responsive operating system, combining the best of GNU/Linux and Fuchsia OS. We are developing a privacy-respecting, fast, secure and lightweight operating system, our goal is to offer our users an incredible experience to help with their daily tasks.

Before we begin, I would like to bring it to your notice that this is a pre-release version of DahliaOS. This simply means, it is not for the general user. But, given the all-new good-looking Pangolin desktop environment that adorns the OS, I am sure everyone of you would love to try it out. Pre-release version of the distro serves that secondary purpose too.

That being said, much of the pre-installed stuff works almost as expected. But, many things are still being tested. So, I hope you now know what to expect as of now.

DahliaOS Features

  • Pangolin Desktop Environment
  • Lightweight OS
  • Dap application Manager
  • Pre-installed apps – Discord, Minecraft Classic, Visual Studio Code, etc.
  • Support for Flutter applications
  • Support for both Linux and Zircon kernels
  • And more..

DahliaOS on PS4: Video

When I came to know of this OS, I knew I had to try it on my PS4. And, that’s what I did. But, in the process, I hit many roadblocks. Here, I would like to thank /usr/apple, quintenvandamme and systemd for the win, the former two being part of the Development team and the latter being a member of the Discord group, for helping me figure out everything. And, their help has been a major factor that helped me bring DahliaOS on PS4.

Now, without further ado, here is a video showing you the OS, its features, applications, etc. while Dahlia OS is being run on a PS4.

As you can see in the video, I do test out almost every aspect of the OS. We also see Minecraft Classic on DahliaOS for PS4. The OS is also capable of connecting to the internet alongside web browsing, Discord and even 1080p YouTube playback on the PS4. This does pique my interest in DahliaOS for PS4 and the future of the OS, in general.


I will be posting more content on this awesome OS in the future. If this interests you, subscribe to me via e-mail and follow me on social media. By the way, have you tried DahliaOS yet? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.


  1. I like Popos. It’s impressive. Performans awesome . And I follow your distros. I am waiting and exiting. Thank you Man.

  2. OH……I think that distro is the most beautiful i saw until now. I hope you will continue to work on it to make it operational for PS4 fat, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro ! I enjoy your work so much ! Just keep going !
    I can wait to see that OS running on my Ps4Pro with good performance and above all a secure system !

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