How to update PS4 with broken Blu-ray drive to 9.00?

Here is how you can update a no BD PS4 (PS4 with a broken or damaged Blu-ray drive) to firmware 9.00 using an automated app by Lightning Mods.

Are you stuck with a PS4 with a damaged Blu-ray drive? You would have learned the hard way that the PS4 doesn’t let you update the firmware version without a working Blu-ray drive. Even PS3 had this issue. It’s weird given the Blu-ray drive doesn’t have a direct role in the update process. Anyways, I have good news for you. You can now update a PS4 with a broken Blu-ray drive (BD) to 9.00. And, all thanks to the dev, LightningMods who owns and maintains the website –

Now, onto the good part, who can avail this, how does this work, and is it free? We will take all these up, in this article. So, read till the end.

Requirements for updating a No-BD PS4 to 9.00

Update 1: LM has added more exploitable firmware. The same has been updated below and will be updated as more firmware are added.

Update 2: Payloads released.

Update 3: More firmware versions are being added to the supported list. Check the up to date list.

  • PS4 with a broken, damaged or maybe a missing Blu-ray drive.
  • Supported firmware i.e., your PS4 must be on any of the following firmware:-
    • 6.20
    • 6.71
    • 6.72
    • 7.01
    • 7.02
    • 7.50

Now, you might be wondering as to why only these two firmwares? Well, these are the only firmwares before 9.00 that have been jailbroken. And, for this method to work, your PS4 needs to run the GoldHen payload. That being said, don’t shy away if your PS4 is not currently on these firmwares. As said earlier, if your PS4 can run the GoldHen payload, chances are that LightningMods‘ application will work and help you update to 9.00.

How to update no-BD PS4 to 9.00?

Is it free?

Before that, I am sure all of you have a question, which is, “is it free?” LightningMods (LM) has been kind enough to make the package available for free to anyone with a broken BD PS4. But, remember that, this is for a limited time only. After that unspecified limited time, a convenience fee will be charged for the service, keeping in mind the time spent on the development of the application and the testers’ time.

I will be updating this article with further instructions when LM decides to make this a paid service.

Update no BD PS4 to 9.00 for free!

Now, let us see how you can update your noBD PS4 to 9.00 for free, for a limited time. Here are the steps to follow:-

  1. On your no BD PS4, see if you are able to load GoldHen.
  2. If yes, join LM’s PS Test Discord.
  3. Under the channel on PS4, go to 90x-testing.
  4. Tag @LM while requesting the updater.
  5. When free, LM will reply with the application and the instructions.

LightningMods NoBD PS4 Updater: Features

Through his Discord, LM has given us a quick idea into what the updater offers. Here, they are:-

  • Minimalistic Text based UI
  • PUP validation / Hash check
  • Can download Firmware 9.00 within the app
  • Embedded kernel payload and patches for a payload less experience
  • And much more…

For those who don’t understand, this is mostly an automated app. The payloads and kernel have been included in the app, so that the user doesn’t have to load them individually. Moreover, the updater will download the firmware, i.e., 9.00 and validate it for any errors. This will make sure that the wrong file or a corrupted file isn’t used for the update. No doubts, such a file has the ability to mess your PS4 further. The app takes care of almost everything for you, which is impressive.

LighntingMods NoBD PS4 Updater (for 9.00): Screenshots

Courtesy of PTM (theboss) on Twitter, we do have some screenshots of the application at work. Sorry for the bad patch tool job, but, was trying to protect theboss‘ privacy. Anyways, here they are:-


This is great news for everyone who has been stuck on a lower firmware just because they don’t have a perfectly working Blu-ray drive on their PS4. So, if you are one in that unlucky bunch, you got LM to thank for. Enjoy the article and the process and also let us know how the process went for you, if you decide to try.

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