Debian 11 with many emulators by Darkstorm: PS4 Distro Release

Debian 11 for PS4 by Darkstorm comes with a huge list of emulators including Yuzu, CEMU, and even has entertainment apps like Kodi pre-installed.

It’s a good time to enter the Ps4 Linux scene, because almost every distro is available for the PS4, thanks to all the devs who have worked hard to make it a possibility. Anyways, today, we have the dev, Darkstorm who has released his distro – Debian 11 for the PS4. A feature that sets it apart is the huge list of emulators that come pre-installed.


As reported by PSXHAX, the distro contains a huge list of pre-installed applications for gaming and even for entertainment. Here is the list quoted directly from PSXHAX.

  • Wine proton with Vulkan backing
  • Genesis Emulator Blastem
  • Cen64 emulator of Nintendo 64
  • CEMU emulator Wii / WiiU
  • Desmume Nintendo DS emulator
  • Dolphin-emu GameCube and Wii emulator
  • DOSBox emulator for x86 supporting Tandy, Herc, CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA, sound and DOS graphics modes
  • All-in-one NES / Famicom emulator
  • FS-UAE-Arcade Full-screen game browser for FS-UAE
  • GNGB emulator for GameBoy Color
  • Hatari emulator for Atari ST, STE, TT and Falcon computers
  • Higan multi-system emulator
  • MAME: Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
  • Mednaffe front end for Mednafen multisystem emulator
  • MGBA-SDL emulator for the Game Boy Advance – SDL front end for mGBA
  • mupen64plus-ui-front console in console for mupen64plus
  • Nestopia emulator for Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom
  • Osmosis-emulator Sega’s Master System and Game Gear console emulator
  • PCSXR Sony PlayStation Emulator
  • PSPPPS PSP Emulator
  • RCPS3 PS3 emulator
  • Simple front end Retroarch for Libretro library
  • Ryujinx Switch emulator
  • Stella Emulator of Atari 2600 for SDL and X Window System
  • Virtualjaguar cross-platform emulator of Jaguar from Atari
  • VisualboyAdvance advanced and complete Game Boy emulator
  • Yabause Saturn emulator
  • Yuzu Switch emulator
  • Xemu Xbox emulator
  • Zsnes emulator for the Super Nintendo / Super NES
  • DuckStation
  • EmulationStation
  • Heroic Launcher (Epic Games) with Proton support
  • Steam Linux runtimes
  • Kodi and VLC for movies

Another feature about this distro is that, it uses a downgraded Mesa version, which makes sure that freezes and crashes are avoided. Please notice that, we do have custom Mesa for that purpose which can be easily switched on Ubuntu or Fedora based distros. You may understand the usage of this custom Mesa by going through the article on Cyberpunk fix.

That is impressive and Darkstorm showcases the distro running a game on CEMU at 60 FPS and a Yuzu game at 30 FPS.


Download Debian 11 for PS4

Installation: How to install Debian 11 on PS4?



The distro can be installed on a PS4 using the rescueshell method. Alternatively, you can try the faster, alternate method if you are on Linux or have a Linux VM, preferably Ubuntu. I also recommend setting up a persistent swap space after you install the distro.


Do try the distro out and let me know how well it works. If you face any problems, leave a comment below. I will try my best to help. But, if you are good with French or good with Google Translate, you can directly leave a comment on the Logic-sunrise thread dedicated to this distro.


  1. I have fat ps4 11xx aeolia and it is not working for me, i thing the problem is downgraded mesa that was not working for me before, if i use it i couldn’t choose any video adapter in the emulators or windows games there were no one to choose. I tried all bzimages known, installed fine from usb but it won’t boot just stays in the rescueshell with a blinking cursor. Maybe because i installed it with psxita initframs but i don’t think so, i will try hippies initframs tommorow

  2. Anyone else having issues with Install/run
    it get to the end of the boot, but does not run the OS?
    I used same bz and initramfs.cpio.gz files, as I use for all other builds,
    But this build fails to get into The OS.

    I use the simple method posted here on, fat 32 partition and ext4 partition etc.,
    never failed before

      • Thanks Noob404, however, I do not get a black screen, I see all the usual text, with the last line being ,
        run /init etc etc
        thats where it stops,
        so to confirm I reloaded your Nobara to confirm all the files are correct, it boot up fine, Just not Debian 11.
        This is on mt Slim CUH-2215B,

  3. In Tuto is said that – Use a FTP Client and transfer the ..files.. But can i do this just copying files to target directory? or there is some special purpose for ftp?

  4. And one more question – how does it affect Linux performance if installed on internal HDD? Linux will work faster or gaming will be little bit faster? Thanks.

    • No idea because I haven’t tried internal HDD install for two reasons. One, it doesn’t work all the time on all the consoles. It’s kinda risky. Two, SSD with a USB 3.0 adaptor does have good performance.

  5. Hi i installed linux onto hdd before and i cant delete the boot and linux folder, i installed fedora 35 on usb and want to acces the hdd but i don’t know how to get the eap key from kernel dump, could you explain what for a program do i need to look into the bin file?

    • Nazky initframs didn’t work for me, maybe because i used the old way to install to hdd from psxhax, after changing permissions I can’t even acces the folder with ps4 os and file browser, causing instant crash, i messed it up big time 😁. I don’t want to do initialise and deleting all the games…

    • To remove Linux from the internal HDD, you can initialize the PS4, but you will lose all data. Or you can install Psxitarch on an external HDD and connect the PS4 drive to delete the Boot and Linux folders without losing data..
      Thanks to Mircoho for this method.

      • there is no need to initialize the ps4 to remove linux from the internal hdd. All you have to do is to remove the file linux.img located in /user/home

  6. Hi, i just was trying t install CuteFish OS in internal HDD and it loaded to rescueshell, but when i type exec it says not file found.. What could be wong?

    • Eveything is fine 🙂 I was so excited of this chance to have Linux on internal HDD that i didn’t read tutorial carefully.. 🙂 So i didnt see that i have to use Nazky Initramfs.. 🙂 Thank you for your great work!

  7. Even using Nazky`s initramfs, for slim insternal, we still get
    Device /dev/sd?27 doesnt exist or access denied,
    Therefore Install fails.

  8. So is this maybe a typo in the install script??

    cryptsetup -d /key/eap_hdd_key.bin –cipher=aes-xts-plain64 -s 256 –offset=0 –skip=111669149696 create ps4hdd /dev/sd?27

    should it maybe /dev/sda27, or /dev/sdb27 ??

  9. further investigating,
    The script is failing to find the internal HDD partitions, so this line is failing
    cryptsetup -d /key/eap_hdd_key.bin –cipher=aes-xts-plain64 -s 256 –offset=0 –skip=111669149696 create ps4hdd /dev/sd?27

  10. For everyone facing issues with installing on usb, just type resume-boot after install with nazky initframs and payload, tested on my 11xx fat. I am excited it finally works off usb for me 😁. After install with 1gb nazky payload i restarted and loaded psxita 3gb payload, then typed resume-boot

    • Today it doesn’t work anymore, i got can’t read /etc/fstab error, i think i will give it up for now, it’s too frustrating for me.

  11. I didn’t give up 😁, now i have new arch distro from darkstorm mentioned on psxhax, cemu is working great with zelda breath of the wild. I just used fps++ for some extra performance and i get 17-30fps witch is acceptable for me, also yabuse is not lagging anymore, ps4 controller is working great also, it makes linux ps4 great emulation machine!

  12. hello my machine is 6.72 ps4 pro CUH-7016 i am transferring files from fat 32 usb correctly Kernel 5.3.7 Gentoo
    I’m using exec install-psxı installation is coming, but the installation is starting again, the complete installation is not happening

  13. Managed to install on internal 10xx, and external 2215b
    If you did the French version, you can chenge the language to ” yours ”
    Open a terminal.
    Become root — usually by running sudo su there.
    Run dpkg-reconfigure locales.
    When presented with the list of locales, be sure to locate and check the setting reading “en_US. UTF-8” and/or “en_GB. …
    When asked about the default locale for the system, select one of those from the following step.

  14. Hello, I managed to install it on the internal disk of my ps4 slim vaikal.
    but when I try to copy files from a usb to the disk, after a few seconds the system freezes and I have to disconnect the ps4

  15. Hi ! I’m stuck at this moment : Do you have any ideas for solving ?

    Tearch Limux 5,3.18-1Tmanla (tty2)
    darkstorm-ps4 login: darkstorm
    Welcom to TeArch Linux!
    ¡Last login: Thu Mur 17 20:26:52 on tty2
    Welcome to fIsh, the frlendly interactIve shell
    “Type help for instructions on how to use fish
    darkstorm@darkstorm-ps4 « >

    • I try >startx but :

      X.Org X Server
      X Protocol version 11, revision 0
      Current Operating system. Linux darkstorm-PS4 5.3.18-ITania a5 SMP Sat Apr … MSK 2020 x86_64
      Xernel command line panic=0 clocksource=isc radeon.dpm==0 console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n0
      xf86I0: failed to enable I/0 ports 0000-03ff (Pperation not permitted

  16. this distro not only starts in french, it breaks and dumps you into the rescue shell if you try to change the language local

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