How to run Elden Ring on PS4 Linux with AMD FSR? Detailed tutorial

Learn how you can run Elden Ring on any PS4 Linux distro (Pop OS, Fedora 35, etc.) and how you can increase performance using AMD FSR.

In recent times, Elden Ring has been the hype all around. People have been talking and breathing the fantasy game. Now, it is time to see if PS4 Linux can run Elden Ring. And, I was able to get Elden Ring to run on PS4 Linux distros like Fedora 35 and Pop OS with GE-Proton and FSR.

Here, I present to you the detailed instructions to run Elden Ring on PS4 Linux distros. Also remember that, if followed to a T, this also fixes the whitescreen crash on Elden Ring.



To have the best experience, I would suggest you to download the latest version of Glorious Eggroll’s Proton, which at the time of writing is 7-14. GE-Proton is said to have game specific patches for Elden Ring, which might help make the performance better.

3GB VRAM Payload

I recommend you to use the 3GB VRAM Linux payload for running Elden Ring on PS4 Linux. In my testing, I found it to perform better than the 2GB VRAM Payload. But, incase you find the performance on the 2GB payload satisfactory, stay on that.

Swap space

Swap space makes sure that your PS4 doesn’t instantly crash when you run out of RAM. Believe me, Elden Ring is RAM hungry and you can expect to run out of RAM pretty soon, into the game. So, as an insurance, we will setup 4GB RAM space and the instructions for it are given below. That being said, 2GB Swap is also sufficient in most cases.

VKD3D Proton

This comes pre-installed on most of my distros. If your distro doesn’t have it, please install it using the instructions given here. This is important for getting DirectX 12 support.

Video Guide: Run Elden Ring on PS4 Linux

Run Elden Ring on PS4 Linux distros: Instructions

Once you have the requirements ready, let’s get started.

Step 1. Set up swap space

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Type cd / and press Enter.
  3. Then, type sudo touch /swap and press Enter.
  4. Since we plan on creating 4GB of swap space, type sudo fallocate -l 4GB /swap and press Enter.
  5. Type sudo chmod 600 /swap and press Enter.
  6. Type sudo mkswap /swap and press Enter.
  7. To turn the swap on, type sudo swapon /swap and press Enter.

Step 2. Extract GE-Proton & Install Mangohud and VKD3D-Proton

  1. Extract GE-Proton to a suitable location, say the Downloads folder, for example, /home/noob404/Downloads.
  2. For monitoring the FPS, I suggest installing Mangohud.
  3. My distros – Fedora 35 and Pop OS come preinstalled with VKD3D-Proton, like many others out there. If yours doesn’t learn how you can install VKD3D-Proton on a PS4 Linux distro.

Step 3. Run Elden Ring on PS4 Linux (Wine Commands)

  1. Open the Game folder, i.e., ELDEN RING/Game, which contains the executable, eldenring.exe.
  2. Open a terminal within the folder Game. So, if you have the game Elden Ring on your root folder, the terminal’s directory should say, /ELDEN RING/Game.
  3. Assuming GE-Proton was extracted to Downloads folder, type mangohud RADV_DEBUG=llvm VKD3D_FEATURE_LEVEL=12_0 WINEESYNC=1 /home/noob404/Downloads/GE-Proton7-14/files/bin/wine eldenring.exe -d3d12
  4. That’s it You will now have Elden Ring running on your PS4.

How to get better performance in Elden Ring on PS4 Linux?

Here are a few steps you can take to improve performance of Elden Ring on your PS4 distro.We have already taken a huge step in that direction by setting up swap space. Here are a few other steps that could potentially result in better performance.

Run Elden Ring on lower resolution in low quality

  1. In the Game’s Main Menu go to System.
  2. In the Graphic’s Menu, set Screen Mode to Windowed.
  3. Set Resolution to a lower level, maybe 1280×720.
  4. Set Quality Settings to Custom.
  5. Go to Advanced Settings and set everything to low.

This will affect the quality of the game a lot. But, FSR could help us a little here. Let us see how FSR can be used with Elden Ring.

Run Elden Ring with FSR on PS4 Linux

  1. Use the Steps above to load the game.
  2. In the Main Menu, go to System.
  3. Set Screen Mode to Fullscreen.
  4. Set Resolution to 1280×720.
  5. Quit Game.
  6. Open a terminal in the folder Game as we did in Step 3.
  7. Assuming GE-Proton was extracted to Downloads folder, type mangohud RADV_DEBUG=llvm VKD3D_FEATURE_LEVEL=12_0 WINEESYNC=1 WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 /home/noob404/Downloads/GE-Proton7-14/files/bin/wine eldenring.exe -d3d12

You should now see slightly better performance.


I hope you were able to run the game on your PS4 Linux distro. Please keep in mind that these steps have to be followed strictly to have the game running. But, once you have the game running, I encourage you to experiment with different commands to get better performance in the game. And, do not forget to share these steps with us by leaving a comment below.


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