PopOS 22.04 for PS4 with Mesa 22.0.1: PS4 Distro Release

Here is Pop OS 22.04 for PS4 with the latest Mesa 22.0.1. Also, watch the gameplay of Portal 2 running on the distro at 120+ FPS at fullscreen.

It’s been a few weeks since Syztem76 released the stable release of PopOS 22.04. This version, clear from the name is based on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy). And, as promised, here I have PopOS 22.04 for PS4 with Mesa 22.0.1. PopOS is a great distro for gaming, especially given their custom Mesa drivers and other related stuff. You would remember that PopOS 21.10 for PS4 was my first contribution to the PS4 Linux community.

What’s New? PopOS 22.04 vs PopOS 21.10

The new version, as expected does come with a few patches and fixes for general improvement in performance. These include the option to schedule updates. The same can be found under OS Upgrade & Recovery in the Settings Menu.

A new support option has also been added to the Settings. Going through that, the user can get to the community and other support fora for PopOS easily.

Anyways, the most notable change in PopOS 22.04 is probably the move to GNOME 42 with its added benefits.

When it comes to audio, like most modern distros, the Pop team has decided to default to PipeWire. On some PS4s, this might be a curse than a boon. In such cases, it is very easy to default back to PulseAudio, which will be covered if issues do occur.

Moreover, PopOS updates the kernel to the latest version – 5.16. But, this might not concern PS4 gamers, as kernels work differently on PS4 Linux. If you are interested, do check out my guide on compiling PS4 Linux kernel from source.

I said, PopOS is good for gaming. But, you are probably wondering as to what changes the new version brings for gamers. OMGubuntu reports that, the new version has a neat feature that directs more resources to the window in focus. Simply put, while gaming, PopOS 22.04 will make sure that the game will be given high priority and more resources than the background processes. It is impressive on paper. But, we will have to see how it translates in real life for PopOS 22.04 on PS4.


  • Display Manager – GDM
  • Mesa – 22.0.1
  • Libdrm – 2.4.110
  • GNOME 42

Included gaming applications

These are the major gaming applications that come pre-installed.

  • Wine
  • Steam
  • PCSX2
  • DXVK
  • VKD3D
  • Mangohud

If you ever need to install more applications, checkout the ever-growing install command database.


Login details

  • User: noob404
  • Password: ps4
  • Root password: ps4


PopOS on PS4: Showcase Video

How to install PopOS 22.04 on PS4?

PopOS 22.04 supports the conventional Rescueshell method for installation, i.e., by typing exec install-psxitarch.sh. If you wish to install it using Rufus or BalenaEtcher method, let me know in the comments below. I will make a suitable image for that.

If you want to install the OS on to the internal HDD on PS4, check this release by tastebin.

Or, if you want to install it on your Windows machine with Rufus/Balena Etcher, here is the image by tastebin. And, here are the detailed instructions on installing PS4 Linux distros with Rufus/Balena Etcher.

Troubleshoot: Issues with PopOS 22.04 for PS4

I already have listed the common issues and their solution in the article on PopOS 21.10 for PS4. Check them out here.


PopOS does allow regular users to update from a release version to another directly from the Settings. But, this usually comes with it own set of issues. So, I had to build PopOS 22.04 anew for the PS4 rather than update from 21.10. Frankly, it might be possible to update like that. But, for a normal user, the update process would be really difficult to follow, especially setting up after the update.


  1. Hi, i have question about bluetooth headset – when used it on previous POP!OS it doesnt worked correctly – mic was terrible sound. On Nobara OS everything is fine… How about POP!OS 22? or is there any way how to fix these issues?

  2. Hey man, i tried to install it but just it doesnt boot when i launch the paylod. I don’t know the isnstructions for By hippie68 initramfs.cpio.gz

  3. Hey man, i rly need ur help. So i am tryin to launch linux, but nothing. The thing is that i tried all bzimages, and the only thing that works is the 5.15.15 By codedwrench (Beta) Belize. I get a blue led, but no signal (desactivated hdr, hdmi link, put 1080p RGB fulll range), and nithing. All the other bzimages i get a blue led, any help?

  4. I’m also having trouble installing it from the shell.
    it would be really nice if it could be installed via rufus.

    I wanted to point out that you please describe better which inframs belong to which installation?
    that is very confusing.

  5. I use my hdd as Exfat for my Ps4 games. I want to make my hdd’s first partition Exfat or Fat 32 200gb, and second partition Ex4. How can ı do it? or Can you make this. I cant use my hdd on my ps4 and my tv.

  6. I installed it on my ps4 with psxita initramfs and it did’nt boot changed to hippies and kernel 5.15 and it boots but says error. I pressed ctrl alt f2 logged in typped startx and it works fine, it is very fast and responsive with ssd sata to usb 3.1. Played some switch games and counter strike source (graphics maxed out and vsync on, 60fps) at great speed.

  7. I have installed it on the internal disk of my ps4 slim, everything is perfect but I cannot access the usb memories, it says that I do not have sufficient permissions to see its content.
    then install lutris but the applications do not run

    • Yes i have the same problem, just type sudo nautilus and acces your usb storage as root, eventuallychange permissions. I couldn’t install anything from popshop. Installing anything from apt results in systemd errors.

  8. PS4 fat Aeolia
    Installation: Alternate method
    Kernel 5.15.15 and hippie initramfs is the only combinations that seems to boot into PopOS but then I receive no signal from my TV although I tried all tips for getting the signal back.

    All other combinations led me either to a shut down of the console straight after loading the linux payload or it freezes in the boot terminal.

    So still I’m not getting it to run. Would have love to. I’m switching to another distro.

  9. i have installed it on my ps4 slim internal hard drive but i cant activate the swapfile.
    It says not supported, any solution

  10. i don’t understand the switch to a pre-release pack such as pipewire. it has many problems. and since it somehow has a dependency to pop-desktop, it’s impossible to remove it and revert back to pulse audio? i’m jumping distros just because of this nonsense…

  11. By the way, I’ll run a ” sudo apt-mark hold libgl1-mesa-dev libosmesa6-dev libgbm1 libgbm-dev libglx-mesa0 libosmesa6 mesa-vdpau-drivers libwayland-egl1-mesa libegl1-mesa libdrm-amdgpu1 libdrm-radeon1 libd3dadapter9-mesa-dev libd3dadapter9-mesa libgl1-mesa-dri libdrm-dev libgl1-mesa-glx libdrm-tests libdrm-nouveau2 mesa-opencl-icd libgles2-mesa-dev libglapi-mesa libdrm2 libegl1-mesa-dev libxatracker2 libegl-mesa0 mesa-vulkan-drivers libdrm-intel1 libxatracker-dev libgles2-mesa mesa-va-drivers mesa-common-dev libdrm-common xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu mesa-* libdrm-* xorg-*” to update more safely. I still need to check if any other package need to be held, but it’s a start

      • Nice!!! My usb drive disconnects on the middle of copying the distro to psxitarch folder using virtualbox, and now it keeps disconnecting when I am starting the VM, how can I fix it? hoping for your reply thanks!!!

      • TY!!! It doesn’t work with which ever VM I use, there is a bug with my drivers I guess etc…But it works with rufus (using a distro with img.xz file)!!! By the way, if I connect wifi using linux in ps4, will it update also the firmware of ps4 when I’m on the internet/online?

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