Best Black Friday 2022 Deals on Gaming Consoles and accessories

Here are the best Black Friday 2022 deals on gaming consoles - PS5, Switch, etc. and accessories - controllers, storage, headsets and more

It’s Black Friday! And, if you were planning to get a PS4, SSD, PS5, Switch or any other gaming accessories, there won’t be a better time this year. I’ve decided to save some deal hunting time for you. Here is a list of all the best deals on gaming consoles, accessories and more this Black Friday (2022).

Without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of all the best deals available this Black Friday. For your convenience the products have been subdivided into categories, so that it is easier for you to go through and sort. Finally, remember that the links to buy these products have also been provided and these are affiliate links. So, when you buy through them at discounted prices, I also make a few bucks as commission. Win-win! You get your favourite products at the cheapest prices and the commission I make will go to bringing more PS4 Linux projects to you guys.

Gaming Consoles: Best Black Friday 2022 Deals

PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle at cheapest price

PlayStation 5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle

If you haven’t yet laid your hands on a PS5, this is probably a great time. With the jailbreaking community working hard to open up the potential especially with theflow0’s BD-JB exploit, a PS5 right now could mean you could be an early adopter of all the great things coming to the PS5. And, if you want to be an early adopter, you should consider going for the Disc edition, as the exploit currently requires a Blu-Ray disc. Also, look into my article for the best Blu-ray Writers and Blu-ray discs for BD-JB exploit.

Xbox Series X at cheapest price

Xbox Series X

If you have been an Xbox fanboy, then maybe you’d like to go for the latest and the best Xbox yet – Series X. With the affordable Game Pass, you will have access to a huge library of games. And, if you are worried about the lack of jailbreak, Xbox has a clean little feature called Xbox Dev Mode. Download the app for free and once activated for a nominal fee of around $20, your Xbox can run Windows UWP applications, including RetroArch! By the way, if you are into emulation and retro gaming, do check out Batocera for PS4.

Xbox Series S at cheapest price

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S is a more compact, yet less powerful version of the Series X at a more affordable price though. Much like the cheaper edition of PS5, Series S also lacks a Blu-Ray drive. Nevertheless, if you are looking to convert your Xbox into an emulation station, you’d be happy to know that the Series S performs very well, both as an emulator with Retroarch and as a console. The Game Pass advantage is applicable to this console too. So, if you are short on cash, I suggest getting the Xbox Series S.

Nintendo Switch at cheapest price

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo made its comeback into the gaming console market with this gaming handheld which has been a worthy competitor. And, with a little fiddling around, you can also run Android on it. Not the best experience, but, it’s good to have the possibility open. Anyways, if you travel a lot, and haven’t been able to lay your hands on a Steam Deck, then Switch would be a good console to gift yourself this Black Friday. Oh, and, if you want to have the Steam Deck experience on any system running Linux, check this tutorial. Also learn how you can boot into the Steam Deck UI on any device running Linux.

Nintendo Switch (OLED) at cheapest price

Nintendo Switch (OLED)

At a time when everyone was expecting a Switch v2, Nintendo decided to release the OLED model of Nintendo Switch. Priced almost $50 higher than the normal edition, this one, as the name suggests has a better OLED screen. If you are a detail-oriented person, then this might be a better option for you. But, be warned that many reviewers believe that there isn’t a lot of value addition with the OLED model.

Nintendo Switch Lite at cheapest price

Nintendo Switch Lite

This is the smaller version of Nintendo Switch with non-detachable Joycons at a cheaper price. If you are looking for a highly portable device, it doesn’t get better. But, if you are looking for a console that gets hooked up to the TV every time your friends come over, go for the other Switch models. This is because Switch Lite doesn’t support the docking station.

Note: If you are from India, please know that Nintendo doesn’t sell the Switch officially in India. So, regardless of the source you buy it from, you will not be eligible for Nintendo’s warranty.

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