Online gaming on PS4 Linux: Apex Legends, Street Fighter, Left 4 Dead, and more

You can play online games like Apex Legends, World of Warcraft, GTA Online, Street Fighters, and more on PS4 Linux. Check out the gameplay now.

The PS4 Linux scene has always been about pushing the limits of PS4 running Linux. Through the years, thanks to the awesome devs, including marcan, we have been able to a lot on PS4. You would remember, we even checked the scope of game streaming with OBS on PS4 Linux. Now, we move on to our next challenge, which is online gaming on PS4 Linux. Now, straight away, I am not talking about PUBG or Fortnite, more on that later.

In this article, we will discuss the scope of online gaming on PS4 Linux and its future. Online gaming on PS4 Linux caught my interest recently when Discord and Forum member DF_AUS recently suggested starting a new channel on the Discord for online games. DF_AUS has a dedicated channel that caters mostly to gaming on PS4 Linux. He has been able to get many games working on PS4 Linux. Some of his videos are on this page. You can check the rest out on his channel.

Scope of Online gaming on PS4

DF_AUS has been able to get popular games working online on the PS4. Here is a video showing the gameplay of Apex Legends Online on PS4 Linux:-

This is pretty awesome! The game hits 60FPS at times on WIndowed mode. Though the FPS fluctuates between 40-60 FPS, there are no frame drops or screen tearing, which is impressive. I am sure we could extract a little more performance using a few driver patches.

Many of you might be wondering what the use is, since PS4 already has the game for free! Well, not everyone is fortunate enough to have two consoles – one for online gaming with PSN and the other for jailbreaking. Online gaming on PS4 Linux is especially suited for the majority who just own a single console and have to stay at the lowest firmware to get jailbreak capability.

By the way, if that didn’t impress you, here is another game – The King of Fighters XV Online on PS4 Linux:-

Unlike Apex Legends, which is a slightly more demanding game, The King of Fighters, even on full screen is able to maintain a more or less stable 60FPS. Also, do check out DF_AUS‘ YouTube channel where he shares videos of gameplay on PS4 Linux.

And yet another popular game that gets a lot of requests on my YouTube videos, is GTA online. Another member of the Discord group, Misfit-Mischief was able to get 20-30 FPS on GTA Online on PS4 Linux running in windowed mode at 720p resolution. The list doesn’t stop there. klarya, another Discord member reported around 50 FPS in World of Warcraft running at Ultra settings at full HD (1080p) resolution.

Some of this might not seem impressive to many of you, especially if you are a PC gamer. But, a lot of work does go into this, on PS4 Linux. To get a game working, you usually have to try different Mesa, Proton and Wine versions on top of the launch command manipulation. But, the fact that, we have got dedicated members looking into it, is a relief. And, that just adds to the scope of online gaming on PS4 Linux.


If you are looking to get into online gaming on PS4 Linux, this is a great time. To join the squad, join us on our Discord server. You can find the currently working games in the channel #working-online-games.

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