Linuxfx (Aliyah Edition) for PS4 (Windows 11 clone): PS4 Distro Release

Linuxfx for PS4 (Aliyah Edition) is a Windows 11-themed Ubuntu-based distro running on KDE Plasma, developed by Windowsfx/Linuxfx team.

A few days ago, I released the MT7668 WiFi/BT driver for PS4. The video showing the installation of the driver on novice4321’s Baikal PS4 though had another surprise – a new distro! It did catch the attention of many viewers. Anyways, I am glad to announce this new distro for the PS4 – Linuxfx (Aliyah Edition). What makes this distro stand out is its Windows 11 look and feel.

Again, this port was made possible by novice4321’s sponsorship and commissioning. He is the same person who sponsored and tested the MT7668 driver for the PS4. So, thanks again to him for his contribution to the community!

Moving ahead, let us quickly look into Linuxfx – the Windows 11 themed Linux OS.

What is Linuxfx?

This is how the official page describes this awesome OS:-

Linuxfx is an operating system for computers based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution , created in January 2007 by Rafael Rachid, and being improved by the Linux community.

The architecture of Linuxfx is based on Ubuntu LTS, which tries to take advantage of all the legacy Microsoft Windows user experience so that the learning curve in Linux is minimal and fast. Linuxfx users have a large set of facilities embedded in the system, bringing a basic software for the operation of a micro computer, accompanied by an office suite, internet browsers, communication and multimedia software, plugins and codecs for general use.

You can find more information of this project on or Yes, the OS Linuxfx is also variably known as Windowsfx. A quick look at the websites will tell you that both of them are the same OS, being developed by the same team.

Features of Linuxfx (Aliyah Edition) for PS4

  • Based on Ubuntu 22.04.7 (LTS)
  • Desktop Environment – KDE Plasma 5.26.3
  • Mesa – 22.0.1
  • Wine support
  • Benchmarking tools (CPU, GPU, etc.)
  • And more….

Now, while Linuxfx is feature-packed, the OS does come with a few limitations on the PS4. These will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming editions of Aliyah edition for PS4. Anyways, here they are:-

  1. You cannot register your copy of Linuxfx. Linuxfx sells licence for Pro version at $35, which gives you access to many more features. Unfortunately, the licence is tied to the hardware ID, which is currently complicated to access on PS4 Linux right now. I will try to talk with the developer team to see if there’s a workaround for this.
  2. Android Emulator doesn’t work. For one, this is a feature that is available only for the Pro members and as you can see, registration isn’t possible for now.

Anyways, keep an eye on this article as I will be updating if/when these features become available on Linuxfx for PS4.


Login details

  • User: noob404
  • Password: ps4
  • Root password: ps4


Linuxfx for PS4 (Aliyah Edition): Showcase Video


I hope you enjoy this distro. And, I would like to thank novice4321 again for the huge support (financial and otherwise) that he has provided me with, while working on these projects. I can’t thank the man enough for that. If you face any issues during installation or usage even after going through the instructions thoroughly, leave a comment below or better yet, post on this forum thread.


  1. I need a complete tutorial on how to install this on a Playstation 4 to create a way to separate the Playstation hardware ID and include it in the Linuxfx code. I’m interested in getting this working and testing Android on Play. Send me an email to [email protected] with instructions for installing the system so that I can work;

    • Not at all. The Ko-fi goal (almost half of it was achieved) will be resumed shortly. Have something going on in real life that I have to deal with, first. Pardon me for this.

  2. first the video driver is not so well implemented and it lacks even video playback on Youtube there is big problem with the users for the update you don’t mention it anywhere . the distro is good looking but is a waste of time really maybe if you fix this annoying problems all will be better

  3. Oh and the boot doesn’t freeze on a black screen. It goes black after being unattended to after about half an hour

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