Host your own PS4 Jailbreak/Exploit Host website with own payloads – Detailed Tutorial

A detailed tutorial to host your own PS4 exploit/jailbreak site with instructions to convert and add payloads (js), buy hosting, domain and more.

We don’t have a dearth of exploit hosts with Sleirsgoevy, Nazky, Kameleon and Karo having hosted many payloads on their sites. But, have you ever wanted to host your own PS4 payloads on your own site? To be frank, it is pretty easy because most developers including Sleirsgoevy have provided the source code for their hosts on GitHub. All you have to do is download them, make changes in HTML, CSS, JS and add your own payloads. After that, get a good hosting plan, a domain and move these files to your host. As an additional step, it’d be great if you could also credit the original developers.

Now, many of you who have no idea about HTML, CSS, or even about hosting your domain might struggle here. Don’t worry! This tutorial is meant to help you host a PS4 Exploit/Jailbreak site with your own payloads. In this detailed tutorial, we will see the whole process from start to finish, including hosting, buying a domain, converting payloads, downloading the source, editing it, uploading it and the final setup.

Infact, I have made a pre-made nice-looking PS4 exploit host website with major payloads. You could access the site at It auto caches payloads on the first visit so that you could also use it offline. We will be using the source for this site to host your own PS4 Jailbreak Host site. Before we begin, let me clarify that this is based on Sleirsgoevy’s host source. So, credits to the man himself where due.

Before we begin, let us quickly see what the advantages of having your own exploit site are.

Advantages of own PS4 Exploit Host site

  • Updated payloads – You don’t have to wait for newer payloads to be updated on the latest hosts.
  • Change style and design, as you like, given you have knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Test your own payloads.
  • Safety and security concerns.

Video Guide: Host PS4 Exploit/Jailbreak site with own payloads

But, if you prefer a textual tutorial, keep reading.

How to host PS4 Exploit Host site with own payloads?

First of all, let us quickly check the requirements.


Now that you have a good idea about the requirements, let’s put it to use.

Step 1. Buy hosting for PS4 Exploit Host site

Hosting is required if you want to be able to access your PS4 Exploit host from anywhere in the world. There are multiple options for hosting, some well-known names. But, I’d recommend getting hosting with Interserver. I myself moved, forums and a few other projects to Interserver a few months ago and have had a great experience. Even their basic plan is great for hosting multiple projects. Interserver’s Standard web hosting plan would be the perfect fit for our PS4 Jailbreak host site.

Advantages of hosting with Interserver

  • Free SSL (https).
  • Very good offers on monthly and yearly plans.
  • Good customer support, both ticket-based and chat support.
  • Good for hosting multiple websites.

Right now, you can also get your first month for just $0.01 using the affiliate link below, on top of other offers:-

By the way, if you are planning to host multiple power hungry projects, you can also consider their VPS plans. The same offer applies here too.

Step 2. Buy domain for PS4 Exploit Host

This step depends a lot on your preference. Do you want a .com domain or a .xyz domain, or maybe a more expensive domain.For example, is my domain. First, shortlist a few domain names and then search for them on Namecheap, which I recommend for buying domains. Buy the domain you like. Remember that if you decide to make it public, this is the URL that people will use to access your site. So, make it short and memorable.

Advantages of buying domain from Namecheap

  • Free WHOIS Domain Privacy forever.
  • Good support via tickets and chat.
  • Easily edit DNS records.

For a few days, they are running an awesome offer on domains, i.e., 97% off on top domains. Check it out with the affiliate link below:-

Step 3. Connect domain to hosting account

This is an easy step. But, if you are a first timer, it might sound confusing. To help you out, here is a detailed article for connecting Namecheap domain to another host. It hardly takes a minute. But, after the change has been made, you might have to wait for a few hours for the DNS to propagate properly. That’s what is usually said, but, for me, with Interserver and Namecheap, DNS propagation happens within a minute or two.

If you do face problems in this step, you may contact Interserver or Namecheap support. Or, I am just a comment away.

Step 4. Convert PS4 payloads (bin to js)

hippie68 has made a bin to js converter for PS4 payloads, that work well with Sleirsgoevy’s host, which you’d remember is what mys host source is based on. So, we will be using his handy tool to convert our payloads to .js format. I hope you have already downloaded the converter from the link provided above. Assuming that, follow these steps:-

  1. Collect all your PS4 payloads (.bin) in a folder, let’s call it jspayloads.
  2. Go back a folder, let’s say, now, you are in the folder ps4linux which contains the jspayloads folder.
  3. Copy the file bin2js.exe (or bin2js_32.exe) downloaded from hippie68’s GitHub to the ps4linux folder.
  4. While in the ps4linux folder, go to the address bar, type cmd and press Enter.
  5. In the command prompt window, type bin2js.exe payloads/ and press Enter.
  6. Check the payloads folder and you will find corresponding .js files generated for every .bin payload in the folder. For example, goldhen-2.2.3-900.bin would have a goldhen-2.2.3-900.js.
  7. Delete all the .bin files in the folder as we only need the .js files.

Step 5. Download and edit PS4Linux Exploit host source

You would already have downloaded the source for the exploit host earlier. Now, follow these instructions.

  1. Extract the file (.zip) to a convenient location on your PC. This will extract a folder – ps4linux-exploit-host-v1.
  2. Copy the payloads (.js) generated in Step 4 (from jspayloads folder) to the payloads subfolder in the folder – ps4linux-exploit-host-v1. The source already has major payloads. Make sure there’s no repetition. After that, we need to make sure that the HTML and cache manifest are made aware of the new payloads.
  3. Open cache.manifest file in the folder – ps4linux-exploit-host-v1 using any text editing app (Notepad++ recommended) and add entries for the newly added payloads. Foe example, you could add goldhen-2.2.3-900.js like this, i.e., in the alphabetical order.
  4. Next, open index.html in a text editor, and add the entry for the new payload, for example, like this:-
    <a href="jb.html#p0=payloads/mira-900.js&amp;p1=payloads/goldhen-2.2.5-b7-900.js">GoldHen 2.25b7</a>
    <a href="jb.html#p0=payloads/mira-900.js&amp;p1=payloads/goldhen-2.2.4-900.js">GoldHen 2.24</a>
    <a href="jb.html#p0=payloads/mira-900.js&amp;p1=payloads/goldhen-2.2.3-900.js">GoldHen 2.23</a>
  5. If your host has free SSL, like Interserver has, or if you have bought SSL, then, that’s all you need to do. But, if your site doesn’t have SSL (https, which is recommended), then delete the .htaccess file in ps4linux-exploit-host-v1.

That’s it! Now, GoldHen 2.23 will show up under the Jailbreak tab on your host site. You can check if the site is working as expected, by opening index.html on a browser of your choice.

This was a very basic editing tutorial. But, what if you have multiple payloads to update and would like more tabs. For eg.- let’s say, you need a tab for Nazky’s Linux payloads holding his payloads, while another tab for PSXITA’s payloads, that holds their payloads alone? This can be done by editing the index.html manually. But, I have decided to make your life easier. Introducing the Index.html generator for PS4Linux exploit host. Using the tool, you can just enter your tab names and the payloads under them. The program will generate the index.html for you. Instructions for usage of the tool can be found on the page.

Step 6. Upload PS4 Exploit Host

With that, we come to the last step. Follow these instructions:-

  1. Login to your hosting account, for example, Interserver and then login to your admin panel (Cpanel, Direct Admin, etc.)
  2. Go to the file manager and find public_html. Upload all the files in the folder ps4linux-exploit-host-v1 on your PC to the public_html folder on the host.
  3. That’s it!

Try accessing the website by going to the domain name and you would find your exploit site online! To access the same on your PS4, all you have to do is connect the PS4 to internet and point the PS4 browser to the domain. On the first visit, everything is cached. You may turn the internet off, after that and still use the host by opening the PS4 web browser.


Special thanks to all the devs that have made this possible, especially Sleirsgoevy, ChendoChap, hippie68, and many more including the payload authors like PSXITA, Nazky, SiSTRo, etc. As usual, if you do face any issues, let me know in the comments. I will try my best to help you fix it.


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