Fix DNS issues with WiFi using MT7668 on PS4 Linux: 7215B, 7216B (Baikal, Belize)

Fix DNS issues on MT7668 WiFi kernel for PS4, which throws the error - "This site can't be reached" when browsing internet on PS4 Linux.

Over the past few months, the WiFi/Bluetooth driver for MT7668 chipset has gone through multiple iterations, the last of which was Baikal & Belize kernels with inbuilt MT7668 support. With those, you could directly get WiFi working using the kernels and a modified initram.

Recently, some members let me know that the driver had issues on some models of the PS4. The sponsor of this fix, eioltesr1 (thanks to him for sponsoring this). Similarly, ObsidiousBlade (donor for the Baikal fix) sent me this screenshot of the DNS issue on MT7668 WiFi on PS4 Linux:-

DNS issue on browsing internet using MT7668 WiFi on PS4 Linux

So, some of you saw this error, “This site can’t be reached” on trying to browse the internet.

With debugging using eioltesr1‘s PS4 (5.15.15 Belize, based on codedwrench), we were able to fix that issue. The same was then ported to 5.4.213 for Baikal (based on whitehax0r) as well. The one for Baikal was tested by ObsidiousBlade. So, thanks to them.

Now, let’s get to the fix.

UPDATE (20th June, 2024) – PS4 Baikal & Belize Kernels with MT7668 (incl. DNS fix) and VPN support opensourced.


How to fix DNS issues on MT7668 WiFi for PS4 Linux?

All you now have to do is boot any PS4 Linux distro of your choice using the kernel and the modified initram. You should now have WiFi working

On a related note, the kernels above are the same as the ones I released for VPN support with Wireguard and OpenVPN.


If you still face any issues, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back.


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