RPCS3 for Mac now available with support on MacOS 11.6 or later

Learn how you can download, install and run RPCS3 on M1, M1 Max and even the older MacBooks. It runs God of War 3 at >35fps at 1080p.

RPCS3, the PlayStation 3 emulator has now been ported for Mac systems. The emulator was already available to Windows and Linux users and has now made its way to Apple computer owners. It’s not a small feat that the emulator currently has 66.92% playable rate. This means that 66.92% of PS3 games can be played without any glitches or performance compromises with RPCS3 on your PC.

The dev team behind RPCS3 has released a video showcasing the emulator running on RPCS3. And, obviously there’s gameplay too. The video shows gameplay on M1 and M1 Max. There is a short clip showing God of War running on these systems. The M1 Max is able to play the game at 35+ FPS. Watch the full video below:-

RPCS3 for Mac: System Requirements

While RPCS3 will work on most Macs, (atleast the newer ones) RPCS3 team has decided to provide support for those with specific Mac hardware and Mac OS versions. It includes:-

  • M1 with dedicated graphics
  • Intel Macs with dedicated graphics
  • MacOS 11.6 or above

Download and install RPCS3 on Mac: Tutorial

  1. Download RPCS3’s dmg image (34.9MB) here.
  2. Install RPCS3 like any other dmg image for Mac OS.

Will RPCS3 work on older Mac systems?

While RPCS3 team hasn’t explicitly pledged support to the older Mac systems, their video does show Skate 3 running on a MacBook Pro (with an Intel i9-9880H). But, for such older systems, the dev team recommends running RPCS3 on Linux or Windows, rather than MacOS. They say, RPCS3 on Linux or Windows would be 60% faster on this MacBook Pro! So, keep that in mind before starting PS3 emulation on your older Mac!


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