PS5 PizzaStation (PS5 Dev Kit) sold on eBay for $6500

An eBay seller sold his rare Sony PS5 Dev (Development) Kit for $6500, disguised as a PizzaStation.

Clever or bizarre? You tell me! Someone on eBay sold their PS5 Dev Kit for $6500, disguised as a Pizza Kit! While the price alone is surprising, it’s the title chosen for the product listing that has turned heads.

PS5 PizzaStation

Might be hard to believe. So, here’s tweet showing the listing, shared by an X user, consolevariations:-

The final price that the Dev Kit went for, is unclear – $6000 or $6500. Anyways, it does seem such a sale allegedly went through, after a bidding war. Now, it is to be seen if the buyer actually gets a Dev Kit, or something bizarre, like, for example, a “PS5 PizzaStation!”

As you can see from the image below, the seller did take the initiative to make it believable, with the pizza slice, the spatula with the PlayStation logo and the pizza boxes in the background. You’d wonder why go through all that work, just to sell a Dev Kit. Well, keep reading.

What are PS5 Dev Kits?

Now, if you are new to the scene and don’t know much about Dev Kits, PS5 Dev Kits, or PS5 Development Kits are beefed up versions of the PS5 console that Sony manufactures with the intention of solely selling or lending out to game developers, mostly huge companies. Here is an image of the kit, shared by Macho Nacho Productions, back in 2022, through a YouTube Shorts video:-

PS5 Dev Kit showing additional ports, LCD display, exhaust, etc.

In the past, companies going out of business have been seen selling their Dev Kits on various platforms. They are sold at exorbitant prices for two reasons – rarity and increased power. Moreover, the jailbreak/homebrew community loves these kits, for the features that are unavailable on a regular PS5. From the above image, you can clearly see the additional USB ports, and an LCD display on the right. The sides also feature better exhaust vents. Internally though, the system features additional debug features, that makes it lucrative for homebrew development. Let’s not forget though the originally Sony intended it for use by licensed game developers.

Now, that answers the original question, as to why the seller went to all those lengths to see the Dev Kit on eBay. Well, Sony, for obvious reasons, doesn’t like its Dev Kits being sold to individuals, who aren’t licensed developers, paying Sony a charge. So, platforms like eBay were recently seen removing listings of such Dev Kits. The seller though found a loophole, and allegedly sold his PS5 Dev Kit, disguised as a PizzaStation.


Recently, I also shared the news on how a gamer found a cobra in his Xbox Controller package. I will be sharing such bizarre news. Follow me on social media.

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