GTA 6 trailer apparently leaked by a threat actor, says Scam Detective, ZachXBT

Apparently, GTA 6 trailer 1 was leaked on December 4, 2023 by Skenkir using YouTube Admin panel access to interest people in BTC.

We all remember the GTA 6 trailer 1 leak from December, 2023. The leak pushed Rockstar to release the trailer earlier, as announced on this X post. YouTube had started investigating the leak. But, now, an X user, ZachXBT has shared some interesting details regarding the source of the leak. This raises questions not only on the security challenges that multi-billion dollar companies face, but, also questions YouTube’s security.

Threat actor leaked GTA 6 trailer, thanks to YouTube Admin panel access, says ZachXBT

According to ZachXBT’s expose on X, a threat actor, known by his handle – Skenkir was somehow able to get access to YouTube’s admin panel, access to which should ideally be a YouTube employee’s (preferably high level) exclusive privilege. To prove this, ZachXBT has shared a screenshot:-

GTA 6 trailer leaker, Skenkir apparently had access to YouTube Admin Panel
The above screenshot was allegedly shared by Skenkir to another member on Telegram to prove that he actually possesses the trailer.

Here is a screenshot of the chat, shared by ZachXBT:-

Skenkir, the GTA 6 trailer leaker's chat screenshots with him claiming possession of the trailer

Why did Skenkir leak the trailer?

Now, this might be a question that many of you might have. According to ZachXBT’s reply on his initial expose, Skenkir is involved in various high profile SIM swap cases. So, he doesn’t seem to be a gaming enthusiast. So, what could be the reason?

The answer probably lies in the chats above. According to the chats, the actor just wanted to interest people in buying BTC (Bitcoin), probably to drive the market value. He was planning on leaking the trailer with the watermark, “BUY $BTC.” And, this is also evident from the trailer that was finally leaked. Here’s a screenshot of the trailer with the watermark, as shared by ZachXBT:-

Skenkir leaked GTA 6 trailer with the watermark Buy $BTC

In the original X post, ZachXBT has shared a brief timeline of events that conspired on December 4, 2023 culminating in Rockstar releasing the trailer officially the next day.

This is more or less an evolving story. So, I will keep you guy updated. For the time being, you can watch the official GTA 6 trailer 1:-

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