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Make money with URL Shortener & Paste network that lets you add your own Ad codes paying 100% of the Ad income. No commissions involved! is my latest project. It’s a URL Shortener and Paste website that lets you take home 100% of the income your ad generates. In other words, make money shortening links and adding text pastes with So, how does this work, how much can I make, what are the requirements? We’ll go through those questions in this article. So, stick around, if you were looking for a good online money making opportunity.

How is different from other paying URL Shorteners?

This is probably the first question that needs to be answered. Well, here we go. Traditional paying URL Shorteners pay you a percentage of their income, which can be quite varied, depending on the URL shortener itself. That’s where majorly differs. Instead of paying you a percentage, lets you add your own Ad codes. So, your shortened URLs and paste pages will show your Ads along with some of ours (more on that later). This way, you earn 100% of your Ad income. We don’t take any commissions out. All in all, you can expect to make more money with

What’s the catch?

The only catch for now is that, some of the ads on your pages will be ours, while the rest are yours. But, as for the code under <head> on your shortened URL or paste’s interstitial page, you have control. So, the popups/popunder codes and 50% of banner codes are always yours. In the near future, we will also launch Premium subscription at low rates that would give you complete control over the Ads Page and the Ads on the page. To give you a better idea of the ad placement, here is an image:- Ad Placement showing where your ads and our ads will be shown

How to join and make money?

Here’s a quick flowchart showing you the process: Join -> Add Ad codes -> Shorten URLs and create pastes -> Make money!

Yes, it’s a simple 4-step process. The detailed guidelines for the Ad code setup can be found under Ad Settings once you login. The dashboard and the whole website has been designed in such a way that even someone with minimal computer knowledge won’t have issues getting started.

Please note that, currently the website’s in Beta, after I rigorously tested it for a month. So, certain conditions apply when you join right now.

Requirements to join Beta

  1. Must be active and preferably have a user base or community where they can share their links and get high amount of visitors.
  2. Must be on Discord. You will have to provide feedback on a currently-private Discord server.
  3. Must know how to add Ad codes. Extremely detailed instructions for the same are given in the user dashboard. Moreover, it is simply copying the codes from your Ad Network and pasting them on dashboard. So, almost anyone can do it.
  4. Must go through the FAQs on the frontpage and on the user dashboard and follow the rules specified.
  5. Since we are on Beta, you must know that a database clearing or code change might remove your ads temporarily. These can be easily reinstated and you shall be informed before-hand. Most importantly, even in such an event, you will not lose Ad earnings that has already been generated.

How to join Beta?

To join the Beta, all you have to do is leave a comment below expressing your interest given, you meet the requirements. Make sure you leave your primary e-mail when leaving the comment. I will mail you the signup instructions with a Beta Invite code, using which you can signup. Remember, for the Beta period, we will be accepting only a few members. But, once the website’s been tested well, signups will be opened to everybody.


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