Cobra found in an Xbox Controller package from Amazon India

Highly venomous Indian cobra found stuck to an Xbox controller package from Amazon India by Bangalore resident.

Given above is a picture of the latest limited edition Xbox Controller, codename ‘Cobra!’ I am kidding. A Bangalore (in southern state of Karnataka) resident ordered an Xbox controller off of Amazon India. Upon their attempt to unbox, they found a surprise, though a potentially fatal one! A highly venomous spectacled cobra (Indian cobra/Naja naja) was stuck to the packaging tape!

The excitement of a new controller soon faded away. Keep in mind that a highly venomous protected organism was guarding the controller, as if it was a hardcore gamer reincarnated as a snake.

The customer said that he got lucky that the snake was actually stuck to the tape, preventing an imminent fatal attack. I keep talking about the fatality, but, if you want to know more, here is the Wiki page on the Indian cobra.

Cobra in Xbox controller package: Video

Here is the actual video of the incident shared by another X user:-

Amazon India’s response to the cobra with the Xbox Controller

It is monsoon in India, a time when, especially the Southern states of India, bordered by the heavily forested Western and Eastern Ghats, has to be careful with uninvited slithering guests. So, it is unclear as to when and where the cobra found its way to the package, on its way from Delhi to Bangalore. Nevertheless, it is definitely a health risk, something Amazon as a customer-centric business should have been careful about.

X users claim that Amazon India refunded the full amount to the person. But, many did call out Amazon for the lackadaisical and careless approach they adopted while keeping the customer on hold for hours allegedly. Anyways, all is well for now, it seems.

This incident though did spark debates on the performance of e-commerce giants – Flipkart and Amazon on social media. I personally have felt a deterioration of their services in the recent years. What do you think?


If it’s something unbreakable, always strike a package you receive lightly against a wall or something to check. Also, check for any holes in your packages before you unbox. Call the customer care and also keep contact details of emergency services handy to deal proactively with such situations.

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