Bloodborne for PC with ShadPS4 (PS4 Emulator) – WIP

ShadPS4, PC Emualtor for PC able to enter main menu on Bloodborne, thus enabling further work to bring Bloodborne on PC.

Though a game released 9 years ago, Bloodborne is still a fan favourite. Unfortunately, released as a PS4 exclusive, it has remained the same. Now, we have some good news – ShadPS4, an open-source PS4 emulator runs Bloodborne on PC. But, it is still a work in progress. So, hold your horses! Regardless, this news is huge, since this has been a constant request of many PC gamers.

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Bloodborne on PC

While PC gamers have been requesting and petitioning to bring Bloddborne to PC for years now, both the developer, From Software and Sony haven’t show any interest. Even though the game hasĀ  a huge player base, Sony has been indifferent to the game. The game, for example, has been running at 30FPS on PS4s for a really long time, thus ruining the experience. An unofficial 60FPS patch for the PS4 was released in 2021, thanks to Lance McDonald, gamer and modder. It can be downloaded here.

The game had such a huge fanbase that other game houses and companies started making pseudo spin offs. Nightmare Kart (originally called Bloodborne Kart) is a good example. Like Bloodborne, the protagonist hunts down vile creatures in modern times, as opposed to the original’s Victorian London.

We could spend the rest of the article talking about corporate indifference. But, let’s focus on the positive. We finally might be close to 100% playable Bloodborne on PC.

Bloodborne on PS4 Emulator (ShadPS4)

ShadPS4, an open source PS4 emulator (hosted on GitHub) is under active development. The team shared an awe-inspiring video via their YouTube channel, showing the ShadPS4 v0.1.1, entering Bloodborne main menu on PC. Here is the video, as shared on the official website:-

As you can see, currently the game enters the main menu, but glitches out when you go a few steps into it. For the uninformed, this is still progress, considering this is the closest Bloodborne has ever run on a PC. Anyways, this also gives the community hope knowing that the ShadPS4 team is on it.

But, ShadPS4 isn’t the only PS4 emulator making waves. Other open-source PS4 emulators, including psOff have been making progress as well.


I will be keeping an eye out for further progress and will update as and when it happens.

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